Baby Boomers and Sexual Freedom

By: Dr. Karen Turner

Any kind of a sexual revolution has had baby boomers in their very forefront, right from the very beginning. This is the reason why baby boomers have been given so much importance by people around the world. A recent poll and study just concluded amongst parents suggests that baby boomers have a much more enjoyable as well as enticing life than others. They enjoy a greater sexual freedom and are open to vivid types of foreplay.
This rage in echo boomers to copy the attitude of baby boomers has been growing. Baby boomers are increasing in number and today, their tally has reached to eighty five million. Today, people are increasingly interested in meeting interesting people and going the distant lane along with them. The results of numerous research done in the area suggest the very same thing. About 30 per cent of baby boomer population are single. There are about 34 per cent baby boomers out of these who indulge in having sex on their very first date. There are still other 17 per cent who indulge into pre- marital sex.
There are various intents as well as reasons which drive youngsters into copying baby boomers attitudes , as suggested by the questionnaire based survey conducted in the United States and Canada. Out of the entire lot of baby boomers , at least 47 per cent of the population consisted of those who were looking for friendship and about 17 percent others were looking for an able as well as an amicable sexual companion. Such baby boomers are increasingly sexually free as well as liberated.
The reason behind this has to do with the environment in which these baby boomers were born and brought up. These were the times of radicalism as well as social change. These were the times when feminist movements and sentiments were doing rounds in the society and these empowered women to feel more confident about their sexual wants as well as needs in the bed. These were the times when contraception became increasingly popular and the issues related to pregnancy and the fear of its social repercussions started to be forgotten. Even single parenting ceased to be a social taboo and this encouraged many women and men all over the world to indulge in sexual relationships more freely.
One of the greatest points of advantage which baby boomers enjoy over their parents’ generation has to do with a modern day lifestyle syndrome which is known as the empty nest syndrome. If you consider parents, they look forward to enjoy a very active sexual life till the time their son/daughter goes to college. When this happens, it is hard to talk about issues during bed and sexual interest gets a bit lost. Baby boomers however have the advantage of being able to find a common activity which interests both the partners. Thus while going for walks, reading or exercising routines; they can easily indulge in sexual conversation leading to activity which is highly beneficial for the entire relationship.

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