By: Varun Bihani

Business-to-business (B2B) marketers have the tedious job of influencing the buyers. They must educate the smart potential buyers; ensure that influencers are knowledgeable about their products. They must convince people for choosing their products than that of the competitors.
The best B2B marketers are successful because they start by building the brand. The best B2B marketers think like business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers.
Think Like a B2C Marketer:
The important thing is to create a great brand recall. Generally while choosing the product, brand name strikes first in the mind. Sometimes competitors do not drive the customers to make an immediate purchase but rather they create brand recall. This would influence the customers to purchase in the future.
Smart B2B Marketing = B2C with a Twist:
While applying this method to B2B marketers’ may be more challenging but it could work. In this, the marketers have to build awareness of the product. Normally the volume of B2B transactions is higher than that of B2C transactions.
The five strategies B2B marketers can implement is as below.
1. Creating brand recall:
The first step in B2B marketing campaign is to create brand campaigns and messages. Nowadays social media focuses to create content that attracts attention of the users. One should be creative to make new messages and slogans that help the audience to recall. It is the platform, which is easily accessible to anyone with internet access.
2. Know about audience:
One should not treat the audience as general consumers. The audiences are business professionals, who always look for most economical and high-value purchase for their companies. One should understand the needs of the consumers and consider the risks in mind while creating marketing strategies.
3. Visuals used to sell the product:
People always remember images long after they remember the words. The campaigns must be attractive, memorable and interactive. One should try to use interactive banners, social ads or videos to tell the brand story.
4. Maintain creative consistency:
The creative ideas must be consistent all over the marketing campaigns. These campaigns might include paid ads, social media, whitepapers, sales sheets and the website too. One should focus all media activities, as the target is to move buyers down the marketing funnel.
5. Personal Touch:
One point keep in mind, that the audience might be business people but not any automatons. In this world, most B2B campaigns may be boring. A more human touch will make campaign to stand out as they enjoy personal touch or good laugh. In addition, all marketing materials must favor them.

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