Ayurvedic Remedies For Vaginal Discharge Problem To Remove Infections

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Vaginal discharge is generally recognized as leucorrhea or white discharge. The vaginal secretion is the natural way of cleaning, and keeping the female genital passage on watch against infections.

But, excessive white discharge is not healthy. It signifies infections or dysfunctions of pelvic health. But ayurvedic remedies for vaginal discharge problem are very much effective in treating and curing the problem. Gynecure capsules are an efficient natural supplement to cure this particular health issue of women.

Here are few ayurvedic remedies to stop excessive vaginal discharge and check out them to handle the problem completely.

Ayurvedic remedies for avoiding excessive vaginal discharge and removing infections:

1. Take some horse-gram and boil nit well in water. Then let it be cooled and drink the supernatant liquid every day to get relief from excessive white discharge.

2. Wash and clean the genital passage and also the internal parts of other genital organs with spatika or alum water are very much effective to stop the problem of excessive vaginal discharge of women. Besides, consume Gynecure capsules along with this therapy to achieve optimum results.

3. Consume 3 grams of Pushyamuga Churna and 20 ml Ashokaaristha with milk regularly. It provides good results to get relief from this health disorder. It is one of the best ayurvedic remedies for vaginal discharge problem.

4. Procure the barks of fig and banyan trees. Make a decoction with these barks. Clean the genital area by using this douche. It is very much useful to stop leucorrhea and to avoid other infections.

5. According to ayurveda, some herbs such as amlaki, ashoka, nagkesara, yashtimadhu, lodhra, udumbar, and mocha-rasa are efficient herbs to cure vaginal discharge problem. These herbs are extensively used in ayurvedic remedies for vaginal discharge problems.

Guidelines for keeping well the genital health and avoiding infections:

1. Always lead a healthy lifestyle. Do exercise regularly, take enough rest. It will help to increase the resistance power against infections. Women can consume Gynecure capsules to avoid genital problems.

2. Try to be stress-free. If necessary, take the help of yoga and meditation.

3. Diet is an essential part good health. Green leafy vegetables, salads, fruits should be included in the regular diet. Take essential vitamins, minerals, etc. Curds or yogurt is very much helpful for genital health. Women can consume Gynecure capsules in taking care of their genital health.

4. Drink plenty of water every day. At least ten to twelve glasses of water should be taken daily. Water keeps the body hydrated and helps to perform its functions of the body properly. Besides, follow the ayurvedic remedies for vaginal discharge problem.

5. Avoid hot, spicy, and fried foods. Reduce the consumption of maida, pickles, sugar, mushrooms, sweets, cheese, pastries, fermented foods, and alcohol.

6. Always wear cotton panties.

7. Clean well the vagina at least two times everyday using plenty fresh and clean water. Then pat it dry using towels.

8. During menstruation, use clean and cotton pads.

9. Before and after lovemaking, both women and their male partners should wash well their hands and genital organs.

Follow the above ayurvedic remedies and guidelines to remove and protect infections, such as leucorrhea.

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