Awesome Star Wars Lego Toys For Fans

By: Jon Vie

A very warm welcome to this article that is all about Star Wars Lego toys! The Star Wars galaxy is a film that has been very popular for years now, thanks to the movies, the comics, the console games, the merchandise and the various animated versions of it, and Lego fans had plenty to enjoy in the world of Star Wars Lego toys.

Over the years, all of the largest retailers, characters and dioramas have been envisioned in Lego form, providing Star Wars fans young and old the chance to build and enjoy their favourite stuff from the Star Wars galaxies. There have been little scale set ups and massive dioramas, and the range has provided awe inspiring Star Wars Lego products for each interest and budget.

So whether or not it is the first Star Wars trilogy, any of the prequels, the CGI versions such as The Clone Wars, the video games or the huge Star Wars galaxies, there is the perfect Star wars Lego for you! Let's try the sort of Lego Toys that have been available in the Lego variety....

There were a few superb Lego toys and play sets to buy for each of the 6 Star wars science fiction films, so whether or not you are an old-skool original trilogy fanatic or a lover of the modern Star wars films, there is some grand Star wars Lego out there for you to gather and enjoy. The classic shipss, including the Millenium Falcon, the X-Wing, the TIE Fighter, and even the Imperial Star Destroyer, were all made as fantastic Lego toys, allowing fans to recreate the thrills and starfighter battles of the first three films.

Fans of the more recent movies were treated to a humungous choice of products and play sets associated with the films, including varied cruisers and other vehicles ( from each side of the war ), dioramas (such as the well-liked Genosian arena from Episode 2: Attack of The Clones) and naturally, the characters themselves.

Lego Star Wars toys have recently been a gigantic draw for Star Wars fans ever since the 1st parts came out to the public. Remember as with all Lego, when you have made the vehicle (or starfighter) following the steps so it would be assembled, you are then in a position to make changes, add to and experiment with the vehicle designs and more, giving you even greater opportunities to create your genuine Star Wars goods and build your own variations of the legendary vehicles and film scenes!

After the prequel trilogy had been completed, together with the animated 'Clone wars' clips, where will the Stars Wars franchise go next? The answer to that question arrived in the shape of the new computer generated Clone Wars TV series.

The TV series commenced with a feature length episode that was shown at cinemas all around the globe. While the Clone Wars TV series and the theatre release were both met up with a well received reception, the official toys for Star Wars: The Clone Wars has proven to be a big hit with fans young and old. The stylized versions of favorite characters, ships and destinations in deep space, coupled with some great new characters such as Ahsoka, have been very hot indeed.

A serious part of the Clone Wars product on the market has been the Clone Wars Lego toys and play sets. The Lego manufacturers have truly done an excellent job providing the unique vision of the Star Wars galaxies to the Lego toy market, and fans have been having a blast with the new versions of favourite ships and scenes. Clone wars lego is turning out to be one of the best selection of Star wars Lego yet!

There in addition has been a sequence of good console games that have come out based mostly on the Star Wars Lego toys range. How good could that be?! One of these hit console games covered the recent films, and the follow up covered the first three films. There is also a variation known as 'The Complete Saga', that spans across all 6 chapters in the Star Wars movie chapters. The translation of the Lego Star wars concepts to the console games has been a massive hit with both fans of Star Wars and the console games audience in general. All the classic film scenes and the best film characters are present, including the amazing lightsabre fight against Darth Maul from Star Wars Episode one : The Phantom Menace. The Lego Star Wars console games are amongst the best Star Wars games available, and definitely great fun!

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Daryl is a huge fan of the Star Wars universe and wants to help you find all of the amazing Star wars Lego Toys that you crave from a galaxy far, far away!

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