Avoiding the Painful Process of Induced Labor

By: James Pendergraft

For most pregnant women, the termination of pregnancy is the most difficult part of the process. This is because labor involves a lot of pain. Because of this, most women resort to a C-section delivery, which is far less painful. However, there are instances when there is a need to induce labor earlier than normal. This procedure is very painful and is done only at the utmost necessity.

Why Is Induced Labor Needed?

Occurrence of an infection inside the uterus. Induced labor is needed in order to not place the fetus at a greater risk from the infection.

The baby doses not develop on schedule, making it small for gestational age. The small size may mean fetal growth retardation. Hence, the pregnancy has to be induced.

When pregnancy has gone beyond the normal 42 weeks. This is especially critical if there is evidence that the baby is at risk due to a decrease in nutrients from the placenta.

If there is a danger that the baby will not get enough nutrients from the placenta even when still well within the normal period of pregnancy

When there is a complication during pregnancy such as bleeding, gestational diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, or preeclampsia

Compared to a normal delivery, an induced labor is less painful. However, less pain does not mean that there is no pain at all. One will also need to induce labor to protect the health of both the mother and her baby. As painful as it may be, mothers are left with no choice especially when the situation becomes extremely dangerous. What one can do best is to prepare for the long haul of induced labor.

What to Do to Diminish the Pain in an Induced Labor?

Here are some tips that will terminate or diminish the pain during induced labor:

1) By requesting anesthetic injections. This is done only upon the approval of the doctor because any form of medication may be harmful. However, it is still possible to undergo anesthesia in order to eliminate the pain. Apart from the anesthesia, there are pain relievers that are available from drug stores. However, one has first to consult the doctor if the medicine will be good for the condition.

2) One can also diminish the pain during induced labor by practicing breathing exercises. This is important especially if the mother has elected not to avail herself of anesthetic treatment. Along with breathing, one should also learn to push with one’s abdominal and cervical muscles properly. This should make it less painful.

3) One should engage in light physical exercises that are fit for pregnant women. An example of such an exercise is walking, which will keep one’s body strong, enabling it to withstand painful episodes during labor.

4) Keeping the proper mind frame in the course of the labor. This approach is more of a psychological means because it emphasizes how a woman should handle a painful situation like an induced labor.

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