Avoiding Injury While Walking

By: Sarah Carlye

Runners and joggers are more at risk for injury than walkers, but injuries can still occur when walking.

Some conditions and health factors put some walkers more at risk than other walkers without the same health issues. Some of the health issues that put walkers at risk and what can be done to avoid injury:

• Vision limitation-be sure to wear current vision prescription, walk during daylight hours, walk in well-lit areas, avoid dusk and dawn when walking.
• Morbid obesity-walk slowly, walk on even surfaces, avoid inclines and declines, and walk in well fitting supportive shoes.
• Seizures-take medications consistently, avoid walking if there are any signs of seizure risk, and walk with a partner.
• Diabetes-check blood sugar levels before walking, take medication as needed, and follow diabetic diet.
• Hypoglycemia-follow hypoglycemic diet and avoid walking if signs of low blood sugar.
• Weakness from illness (cold, flu, etc)-be sure you recovered from illness or shorten walks until recovered.

All walkers can avoid injury by warming up muscles and stretching before going on a walk. Walking within your fitness level will also prevent injury. Over using muscles or walking farther than you are physically fit to walk can cause fatigue and over exertion, which can lead to injury.

Maintaining a consistent walking pace will help avoid injury. Even walking, if you drastically increase peace suddenly, it can cause strains and pulls. This is more common among those who are starting out a walking program.

There may be undiagnosed health issues, so it is a good idea to get a health checkup before beginning a strenuous walking regimen.

When walking as preparation to race or to run, sometimes a walker will progress too fast and may be injured by pushing themselves too hard to reach the goals that they set.

Wearing a good supportive walking shoe will keep a walker sure footed to avoid twists, sprains, and strains. Many walkers chose to wear the Stepgym shoe because it is scientifically ergonomically designed to make the most out of every step. Go to Stepgym.com to buy the Stepgym shoe.

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