Avoid the unsafe of low quality bottled water

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Bottled Water
Most bottled water appears to be safe. Most bottled water proves to be of high quality and free of contaminants. The quality of some brands of bottled water seems to be not safe. Such bottled water may cause health risk for people with weak immune system.
FDA Regulations
The government imposes little or no regulatory means over the bottled water industry regarding bottling, processing or labeling. Most water treatment systems of most bottled water manufacturers are unable to remove all unwanted chemicals, contaminants, and bacteria from the water. Even though FDA has regulations aiming at preventing potential health risks from bottled water, the internal quality-control issues of some bottled water manufacturers may result in manufacturing contaminated bottled water.
Potential Concern for bottled water
The quality of bottled water can vary extensively. Bottled water that contains contaminants is regarded as low quality bottled water. Low quality bottled water must always be avoided as bottled water is not always safer. Some manufacturers still manufacture contaminated bottled water. Bottled water may contain harmful bacteria, lead, fluoride or other contaminants which can cause potential health risks. Some bottled water may contain fluoride at high levels. Too much exposure to fluoride may cause fluorosis in infants. Infants are more subjected to health risks when fed with commercial bottled drinking water. Continuous feeding of infants with infant formula supplemented with contaminated or infected bottled water may result in low sodium related seizures or epileptic fits. Bottled water with high concentration of nitrate or sulphur is also not safe, especially for infants and children. It is also shocking that plastic bottles leak harmful chemicals into its contents, particularly when exposed to heat. Hence if you drink water from plastic water bottles, you are at the risk of exposing yourself to all contaminants found in plastic.
Flavored Bottled water
Flavored bottled waters are found everywhere. Flavored bottled water comes in different flavors like lime, peppermint, apple, tropical punch, pomegranate-tangerine and other fruit flavors. Some of the flavored bottled water is good for your kids and some are not. Flavored water that contains electrolytes is good alternative to plain water. Flavored water available in the market is overpriced and may contain artificial additives and caffeine. Such contaminated flavored water is not safe, especially for children.
Bacteria contained in bottled water
It is always recommended to buy bottled water only from manufacturers who use third-party inspections and quality testing. Further it is recommended to buy bottled water labeled as “sterile" for using it for infants. Boiling the bottled water for at least one minute and then cooling it before use helps in killing any harmful bacteria contained in the bottled water. Bottled water labeled as distilled, deionized, purified, demineralized or subjected to reverse osmosis is low in fluoride content. If you are very much conscious about the fluoride level in the bottled water, you may get it cleared with that particular brand bottled water manufacturer. Try to avoid the unsafe bottled water. If you do use bottled water, avoid continuous re-using of the bottles.
Home made flavored water
Instead of buying flavored water bottles from shop, you can make home-made flavored water. You can make flavored water by simply adding few drops of lime juice or piece of desired fruit or some fruit concentrate or slice of cucumber or some edible flowers such as lavender flower to filtered plain water. Home-made flavored water will be tasteful and safe.

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