Avoid All Those Home Business Scams - Go It Alone For Real Rewards.

By: David Mclauchlan

Now perhaps the reason you’re interested in setting up a home business is because you’ve seen an ad somewhere that really caught your attention. It was all about a great work-from-home money-making opportunity, and you got excited over the prospect of finally being able to can quit your job!

The fact that you are seeking out information on home business scams is a really sensible step to take. You see almost 95% of the offers out there for home based business opportunities are complete scams. You want to be able to recognize these scams and save yourself time and money.

Once you are able to do this effectively, you may want to consider actually forgetting any schemes and go it alone. Frightening as the idea may seem, it is nowhere as near difficult as you mat first think. I will talk about this a little later, but first let's take a look at the scams you have to watch out for.

Where is the offer advertised.

Where did you spot the work from home opportunity? If it arrived by email, in the post, or in some shop window then forget it. It is highly likely to be a scam. There may just be the odd genuine offer available, but they are few and far between. Without years of experience you will never be able to fully tell whether it is a scam or not. The less likely it seems to be a scam, the more likely it actually is. Even if you read the offer in a reputable newspaper, or popular website you would still want to really check it out first. Think scam first and look for evidence that it is not. Unless you have fool proof information to the contrary then just leave it alone.

Stuffing those envelopes.

This has to be one of the most established scams around. It has been running for decades. Basically they are all nothing more than illegal pyramid schemes. You pay the price to get in and all you have to do is send out lots of offers by mail and hope someone else joins. If they do you get paid. If they do not then you loose. The vast majority will always loose and just quickly forget the idea and move on to be duped by the next scam.

Supply and demand.

There are thousands of companies out there ready to take a good fee of you to get a supply of goods that you can easily sell for huge profits. Very often you do not even receive any goods, you are simply paying to become a member and are expected to generate sales for commissions. The product prices are high, but you are convinced they are exceptional and there is a market for them. If the market was that good would the company be seeking inexperienced people to sells their products? No they would employ a first class sales team and have incredible success. Now even if the products are substandard you will still read stories of huge success many affiliates/agents have had and how you can do the same. Forget it these people are exceptional, if they exist at all. Out of many thousands of people selling you will read the stories of a few who have made their fortune. Most of them have done so by signing up fools who fall for the scam.

Craft Work.

Watch out for these companies who will advertise to pay you for your work. It all sounds great when they send you all the supplies to make the products. This may be anything from hand painting ornaments to stuffing soft toys. Trouble is when you send in your work, you rarely ever get paid. They simply tell you that the work has not met their standards. They don't pay you for all your work, but still go on to sell the goods. They won't run out of people to do all the work for them for free. There is a fool around every corner just waiting to be scammed. Do not do craft work unless you are doing it for yourself and selling to your own customers. Do your research first of course and make sure there is a market for your products, or you will again be working for nothing.


Typing from home.

There are a ton of companies around that will try to tell you how they have so much work that they are having to outsource for people to complete their typing tasks for them. This could be anything from typing up legal documents or entering information into a database from your PC. They all state that all you need is your own computer. Later they will go on to tell you of course that you will require special software to complete the tasks they require of you. They may not even supply this software but will recommend one or two places where you can purchase it. This is nothing more than a method of getting you to purchase the software. Sure it may not be coming from them, but they will be on a commission for each sale. Then no work will arrive after you have made the purchase of the software of course. You may go on their waiting list, but nothing will ever come your way.

Going it alone.

As you can imagine there are hundreds of more scams for every one that I have mentioned here. Yes, I have been caught with one or two myself. I wanted to break away from my day job and start my own home based business for many years. I finally took the first step just over three years ago and have never looked back. I decided to go it alone and not join any scheme or opportunity. It is best decision I ever made. Believe me when I say you can do exactly the same. I have had many others follow the simple strategies I use and seen fortunes made without joining any scheme on the net. Set out to make a living first with honest hard work and the fortune will follow automatically.

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