Avalon Eating Disorder Treatment Center Assists Eating Disorder Outpatients

By: Toan Dinh

The Avalon Eating Disorder Treatment Center is committed to providing a new life for those afflicted with eating disorders. It hosts an excellent facility with highly-trained staff and an unparalleled program for assisting in the recovery of attendees of its programs and eating disorder outpatients.

Avalon is committed to the work of treating every patient, providing expert care from admittance to program completion and further counseling (when required) for eating disorder outpatients. The Avalon Eating Disorder Treatment Center is a four to six week, Monday to Friday program, focused entirely on helping patients overcome eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder and obesity. Founded by Art Boese in 1998, Avalon has continuously dedicated itself toward the treatment of individuals. Boese and his staff continuously work toward the maintenance of the premier eating disorder outpatient and visiting patient treatment facility, providing patients with the greatest resource for their needs.

The Avalon Eating Disorder Treatment Center specializes in helping patients in recovering from eating disorders. Using a multidisciplinary approach, Avalon is able to effectively treat individuals and provide lifelong results that free them from the harmful effects of eating disorders. Avalon boasts a high success rate as a reflection of the strength of its treatment method. Therapists, nutritionists, exercise instructors and intake specialists all work in tandem to create a comprehensive system that promises exceptional care for every attending patient and eating disorder outpatient.

The staff at the Avalon Eating Disorder Treatment Center is drawn from the top minds in every applicable field. Program directors and technicians for Avalonís various program aspects are passionate about their work and maintain dedication to their individual fields, constantly learning more about eating disorders and striving to make their treatment options the most successful choice for eating disorder outpatients and visiting patients. Avalon employs highly qualified professionals in its nutrition, intake, therapy and yoga instruction departments in order to offer the most reliable and long-lasting solutions for every one of its patients.

Visit the official Avalon Eating Disorder Treatment Center website for complete information on the institution and its available program options. Visitors can learn more about program directors, schedules and itinerary details, eating disorder outpatient options or read up on the Williamsville, New York facility itself. Avalon works hard to offer the most reliable and cutting-edge information in its field and maintains a Whatís New section on its website that is regularly updated with breakthroughs and new program details for eating disorder outpatients, patients or interested readers.

Avalon has been able to help countless individuals in regaining control of their lives through its exceptional treatment, care and outpatient eating disorder programs, providing a brighter future free of the negative effects that accompany the disease. Contact the Avalon Eating Disorder Treatment Center today to learn more about the facility or to schedule an appointment for yourself or a loved one.

For more information on the Avalon Eating Disorder Treatment Center and its programs, including eating disorder outpatient assistance, visit Avalon-EatingDisorders.

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Avalon Centers began in 1998 and was the first freestanding partial hospitalization program in New York State for the treatment of eating disorders. For more information, visit Avalon-EatingDisorders.com.

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