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Toner cartridges are a special type of ink used by copy machines and laser printers. Toner consists of a dry, powdery substance that is electrically charged so that it adheres to a drum, plate, or piece of paper charged with the opposite polarity. For most laser printers, the toner comes in a cartridge that we insert into the printer. When the cartridge is empty, we can replace it or have it refilled. Typically, one can print thousands of pages with a single cartridge. Moreover, the toner printer cartridge is one of the most vital components of any office. These are often office supply products that are overlooked, but when the office runs out and all print jobs stop, the backlog can be enormous. Keeping a good supply of these toner cartridges on hand is a smart idea.

Basic features of Laser cartridges:
" It is basically a focused beam of light, which can manage to create pictures or text written in ink.
" The main principle that dictates the working of a laser printer is static electricity
" The laser printer makes use of this occurrence as a temporary glue of sorts. The most important part of the laser printer without which it cannot function is something known as the photoreceptor.
" The basic parts that a laser printer consists of are a toner hopper, corona wire, discharge lamp, laser scanning unit, fuser, developer roller and a photoreceptor drum assembly. Each of these parts has a very important role to play in the printing process.

Is Laser and Photocopier are alike?

The basic principles that guide the functioning of a laser printer and a photocopier are very much alike, except for a few important differences. For example, both the photocopier and laser printer makes use of drums, static electricity, toner etc to get the printing work done. There are many differences; however one of the main differences between a laser printer and a photocopier is the source from where the image or text is received.
Photocopier and Laser printer has made our life more comfortable. Now instead of doing the work by hand we can do our work in a simple click of a button.

Benefits of Laser cartridges:
" The laser printer is capable of writing out pages at a much faster speed when compared to an ink jet printer because a laser printer moves very quickly.
" Another advantage with laser printers is that their laser beam comes with an unvarying diameter. With this the laser printer can draw much more accurately without wasting any extra ink.
" Though they cost more, laser printers do not cost that much to keep them running. With laser printers the toner powder will cost you less and once you purchase it the powder will last you a very long time
" Laser printers are affordable but with technical development the rates will come down without hampering its value or quality.

As there are various cartridges in the market today cheaper than laser but because of the above mentioned benefits laser cartridges still one step ahead than the others. Thus, quality always rules when good work come into focus. Therefore we can avail best quality printing with Laser cartridges

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