Australian Pest Removal Different Ways of Getting Rid of Rodents

By: Roger Daniel

Having a rodent at home is quite unsettling for most people. The fact that your furniture and electronics are not safe makes it harder to deal with having a rodent in your house. In addition to that there are also associated germs that can lead to health disorders and allergies. It is quite easy to deal with these rodents with simple Australian Pest Removal methods. You can try home remedies and also seek professional help that can get rid of these rodents completely.

Basic Steps for Pest Control

The first thing to do would be to eliminate all the entryways for these rodents. You must look for all possible crevices and spaces that allow rats and other rodents to enter your home. These entry points must be shut hard with strong material that the rodents cannot chew through. A metal covering is ideal. If you have openings in the plumbing, you can use an escutcheon ring. These are available at any hardware store. Once you have installed the ring, secure it with steel wool to make sure that there is no further possibility of damage.

Home Remedies for Rodent Removal

Once you have blocked all the entry points, you can try simple home remedies that repel all the rodents. One such home remedy is peppermint. The smell of peppermint is disliked by most rodents and is very useful in reducing the rodent population in your home. Once you have sprayed your home with peppermint, you notice that the rodents avoid the areas where the smell is too strong.

Baking soda is also quite effective in repelling rodents. You can sprinkle it around your home to reduce the entry of rodents into your home.

Of course, you have the option of using rodent traps. You get cages and also sticky traps that do not harm the rodent but are effective in eliminating them. Once you have set a trap, make sure that you check it on a regular basis. Sometimes, rodents might die of starvation when caught in a trap for too long. You can purchase these traps from any local hardware store. Pairing this up with the remedies mentioned above will be extremely effective.

Professional Methods

If all the above techniques are unsuccessful in eliminating rodents, you can opt for professional help. There are many Australian pest removal companies that can take care of pest problems. Several of them use non chemical methods that are safe and effective. The reason you must opt for professional help is that they are trained to find even the most inconspicuous hideouts of these pests. Professional help is usually quite affordable in comparison to the nuisance that ineffective pest control methods can create on your home.

The best way to keep your house pest free is to have regular pest control checkups by professionals. They apply safe chemicals and install devices in your homes that keep rodents out. With several new techniques available in pest control, you can be assured that your home is in the safest hands.

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