Audio Conferencing System Taking a Business to New Places

By: Zaibatt

With the introduction of audio conferencing services, it has become possible for organizations of all sizes to perform business on a global level, while maintaining regular and effective communications with all the clients and employees located in different parts of the world.

Audio conferencing system facilitates two, three or a group of individuals to communicate with which other, across infinite geographical distances. Many a times, organizations combine web conferencing with teleconferencing to enhance the effectiveness of the conference.

When audio conferencing is combined with web based conferencing, the users are allowed to share and work on the same documents and blueprints at the same time. Therefore, employees located in different locations can work on the same project with close collaboration. The participants participating in the conference and sharing software or documents are able to view the same displays on the individual computer screens. The users can use a digital white-board and draw pictures and diagrams on it with a special pen, for making visual demonstrations to the other participants.

Audio teleconferencing allows any number of individuals to take part in a conference, even though they are not sitting in the same office. With these services, organizations can hold group meetings and live presentations very efficiently, through an audio channel.

Although an audio conference can be conducted using telephones, organizations prefer using audio conferencing services and equipments to conduct a smooth and hassle free audio conference. With the advancements in technology, organizations can now also choose to combine video or web conference calling along with a simple audio conference. These types of conferencing allow better communication between the participants.

During the process of audio teleconferencing, the organizations either use a regular telephone or the advanced VoIP phones as the tools for oral communication. When an organization uses the regular telephones, every participant needs to dial into the conference, after which each participant can hear what the others are saying. Conference calls can be made from the computer, after the installation of special software known as VoIP (voice over internet protocol). When the conference call is made from the computer, the user needs to plug in a microphone and earphone headset to the computers USB port so that he can listen to what the others are saying and reply back using the microphone. The voice of participants are carried through the internet and delivered to the other participants just like a conventional phone. Many organizations prefer making VoIP calls, rather than making a call from a regular phone as it costs much less.

Audio conferencing services can be used by business organizations of all sizes and derive huge benefits from its use. The biggest benefit of telepresence systems is that it allows businesses to communicate effectively with its clients and employees located in different geographical areas without incurring huge expenditures in travelling, accommodation and huge telephone bills. Also, it is the best way to organize a meeting between important people of an organization for discussing important issues without wasting any time.

With the further development in technology, audio conference calling is improving at a very past pace. Nowadays, many service providers offer customized solutions as well. For more information, you can visit :

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