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Your home should be a safe haven where you can always go when you need to shut out the world and get some much-needed relaxation. Home should also be the place where you can always welcome friends and family over for a quick meal or an elaborate celebration. Getting ready for company seems like a straightforward task: vacuum the rugs, tidy up and get a few snacks ready to go.

However, getting your house ready for company is rarely this easy. In many cases, being prepared to entertain guests in your home begins long before the plans are ever set. Anyone can provide a place to sit and a surface to set a drink, but what sets you apart from every other home is your unique sense of style. Finding ways to express yourself is easy when it comes to pictures and wall décor, but what about your tables. Those freshly dusted and polished surfaces deserve something more than old magazines and remote controls. Make sure to check out all the attractive tabletop décor items available to you before your next gathering.

Sights and Sounds

Are you one of the people that still have a collection of classic vinyl records and cassette tapes taking up space in your media room? A songwriter is a great way to condense your collection down to the more durable CDs you prefer, or even add them to your MP3 music collection. This attractive electronic device is as beautiful as it is functional in either the oak or a paprika finish. This piece of equipment can be kept on your coffee table or hutch without seeming the slightest bit out of place.

Lovely Lights

Everyone loves the touch of casual elegance that strategically placed candles bring to any room. That soft flicker of light has a way of making a casual gathering of friends feel right at home while still able to set the mood for romantic evenings or more formal affairs. Unfortunately, many a party has come to a premature end because of out of control flames or hot wax spilled on that expensive throw rug.

The absolute best way to recover from this social mishap is to avoid it altogether. This does not mean you have to forego the candles, just try something a little bit different. Be on the lookout for votives and tea lights that utilize an LED light instead of dangerous flame to create that beautiful flickering effect. Some may even have a life of up to 50 hours, far longer than your typical votive. Imagine how much you can save on candles!

Get Creative

Just because an item is designed for one particular room, it does not mean it can only be used for that location. Bathroom items are the most often overlooked when it comes to tabletop décor because decorators tend to let themselves be boxed into a certain line of thought when working on a room. That polished chrome vanity rack with two tiers may look amazing holding all your lotions and soaps in the guest bathroom, but it can also do much more. On an entry table, it can display a candle, hold keys, or maybe even an impromptu freehand flower arrangement. Racks like this are also perfect for displaying knick-knacks in a more orderly fashion than the here and there approach. This is especially true when a collection is being displayed.

Living Room Décor

It seems like everyone has gotten into the gardening craze these days because nothing beats the fresh taste of food grown in your own home garden. Even herbs grown at home seem to be tangier and more flavorful than their store bought counterparts are.

You turn this healthy fresh food craze into something attractive for your tabletops with herb pots. These pots allow you to grow your own herbs while acting as a decoration for your table. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and this makes them a perfect option for nearly any space. Tables that are located by windows are the best option for their continued growth, but the pots can always be moved from the kitchen windowsill just before company arrives to add a fragrant addition to any room in your home.

Touch of Color

Sometimes the best décor items are the simplest and most often overlooked. If your rooms seem lackluster to you when you walk inside, try looking for bold ways to add color. For example, an inexpensive way to add a bright zest to any room is to find a large clear bowl and fill it full of fresh lemons and limes. Not only do they look great, but they can also be used to make snacks for your next gathering!

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