Attic Inspection

By: Keri Rusell

What actually is attic inspection? Why do you need to hire a roofer for this purpose? Is it an expensive exercise? Where can you hire a trustworthy roofer? How come you know about your buildingís need for attic inspection? How often a roofer should be invited for this purpose in a year? What recommendations or changes may need to be applied after detailed examination? These are some out of many questions that need straight answer to satisfy peopleís confusion.

Letís first start with a brief overview about attic---an attic is actually the space between the ceiling and the slanted roof. Usually, a roofer should be called twice for inspection or at least once a year. A roofer is the person who inspects your roof for possible damages and expected repairs. Such an expert usually identifies expected problems, recommends solutions and sometimes even asks for total transformation of roofing system due to ineligibility of repair.

Usually, the roofer starts with identification of drip spots, rusting nails, and mold. Drip spots can be seen or identified from insulation or flooring. Usually, moisture is the major cause of these spots but sometimes leaky roofs can also create drip spots.

Rusting nails is another cause of possible or expected problem. If your roofer finds high level of stain and rust around nails then it is a clear indication of high level of condensation and moisture.

Moreover, dark mold is another cause and a big factor to be considered while inspection. Light colored molds prove to be more hazardous in such buildings that have descending air movement installed.

What are the possible solutions to deal with the above listed problems? Usually an expert roofer recommends radiant barrier installation. A best radiant barrier can help you save your heating cost as well as it will provide best insulation to stop moisture. In case if your side walls are showing moisture or dampness then the possible solution is application of radiant barrier paint.

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