Asking the right questions to a San Diego DUI Lawyer will help you make the right decisions

By: Julia Bennet

Finding the right legal specialist to handle your San Diego DUI case is a big thing. You have to make sure that he or she has the education, specialization, experience, and capacity to help you and ensure that you are given proper representation under the court of law. According to experts, the secret to finding a good San Diego DUI Lawyer is to ask a number of relevant questions. A good lawyer should be able to entertain all your questions. If they cannot make time for you, how can they truly represent you 100% when it counts the most? Criminal justice runs a lot faster compared to civil lawsuits. Thus, when the charges have been made, you have to make a run to the best San Diego DUI Lawyer who could represent you.

There are three particular areas that you have to cover in your personal interrogation for a preferred San Diego DUI Lawyer. You have to check their educational background and experience, specific case assessments, and case management strategies.

Education and experience
Always begin your question with the basic, general ones. The most ideal would be the lawyer’s education and professional background. Where did he go to Law school and his year of graduation? Is the San Diego DUI Lawyer associated with law organizations and other local groups? How long has he been practicing criminal law? Has he handled cases pertaining to DWI or DUI? On average, how many DUI cases has the San Diego DUI Lawyer handled each year? Does the San Diego DUI Lawyer focus on DUI and DWI or are there other cases he handles? What you are looking at is a brief profile on the competitiveness of the San Diego DUI Lawyer to actually handle DUI and DWI. If he is not really focused on DUI or DWI, maybe a more dedicated lawyer will offer a better service for you.

Case assessment
Before the San Diego DUI Lawyer can defend you or represent you in the court of law, he needs to know everything about the case the scenario and other important details. The lawyer will mostly probe you about the details of the case and you have to answer honestly and with clarity. Vague details can be manipulated easily. After the San Diego DUI Lawyer asked his piece, you can follow up with some essential questions. In this case, depending on his skills, you can ask if then case would lead to guilty plea or of it is possible to have a plea arrangement. You should also ask him about the evidences or factors that could work well on defense and which ones are against your chances of winning. Ask what alternatives or options are possibly awaiting you should you be convicted or otherwise

Management strategies
Always ask these details since you want to make sure that the lawyer is dedicated in protecting your rights. Will he be always available to represent you? Will there be someone else who will work on the case? Can you meet your legal counsel? Who will advise you or be available to answer your queries? How will you know the status of the case other details?

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DUI is a serious act in the US. However, you are not guilty until proven in court. Our law firm understands that you need someone to represent you for your San Diego DUI case. Contact our dedicated San Diego DUI lawyer and discover our range of competencies to handle DUI cases.

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