Artificial Ivy Plants - Low on maintenance, good for craftwork and decoration purpose

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Advancement of manufacturing technology in the development of artificial plants and flowers with real touch and look is making the purchase of such easier and more fun than ever before. With such a variety of styles and colours, there is no reason you canít have a amazing display indoors and out all year round.

Artificial Ivy is one such plant and is currently sold in high numbers. There is no doubt that artificial Ivy comes to mind when one thinks of decorating home or office because of itís versatility in difficult spaces. It is the hot favorite among plant lovers. From large-leafed Fiddle Ivies, to miniature Tea-Rose, Peperomia and Holland Ivies, the choice is huge and ever increasing.

This artificial Ivy is a great option for terraces, balconies, corners and alcoves. One can consider Caladium Ivy, Artificial Pelargonia Ivy, Artificial Iresine Ivy, Artificial Outdoor English Ivy for this purpose.

One other reason why plant lovers choose artificial Ivy is because it requires little maintenance. There is no need of watering, trimming, re-potting etc; it will maintain its flourishing look continuously. It can be kept inside as well as outdoor and it being artificial it will not drop its leaves, hence you will find your surrounding are clean always.

There is artificial Ivy available for outside use also; outdoor artificial Ivy plants are made to withstand sunlight for up 20% longer due to ultraviolet resisting treatment used in the manufacturing process.

The realistic looking Ivy plant is made mainly using polyester textile. By first dying the fabric to the required colours and moulding and cutting it to achieve the shape for a natural look and feel. In addition to polyester, wires and plastics are added to give support to its leaves and stems.

Fake Ivy or artificial ivy could be your best choice for decoration; if you arrange it with proper attention then it can give an inviting look to your home or office.

Now comes the cleaning of artificial Ivy, though it does not require much attention, proper cleaning is a must to keep it looking fresh and new as well as prolonging its use. For dusting and cleaning you have to:

For basic cleaning, regularly dust down.

For a more thorough cleaning itís worth taking half an hour or so to clean the Ivy totally in which case there is no need to think of it again for at least 3-4 months.

1. Soak in tepid soapy water and gently rinse the leaves.

2. Shake out the excess water and allow to dry in a sunny environment (outdoors is ideal).

3. Once all parts of the plant are cleaned of dust particles replace it to its original position.

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