Article Marketing Tip: Think About Your Author Resource Box

By: Sue Collier

If you are using article marketing as a lead generation strategy you probably spend a considerable time on researching your article. Then, to make sure it ranks on the search engines you must choose good keywords for your niche. After that you write your article, again remembering to put in the keywords that you have chosen. When all that is done and you have finished your article, do you have any energy to spare for your author resource box??

All article directories allow you to put in a signature box at the end of your article. Alot of authors choose to write themselves a bio. Unfortunately this is not the best use of your author resource box. Remember why you are writing articles. It's not because you want to be famous for writing articles on the internet is it? The reason you wrote it was to get leads for your business. So actually the author resource is one of the most important parts of your article, as this is the point where the reader clicks your links or walks away!

Try these tips to improve your click through!

1 The author resource box comes at the end of your article, so try to make it read as though it were part of your article. Try to make it seamless, otherwise the reader may stop reading.

2 Remember you need to offer value to make people click on your links. Make them an offer they cannot refuse like free information. Or you could entice people with an offer of 'secret' or 'underground' tips!

3 Offer something that solves a problem that the reader may have. Whatever the article covers is probably the area that they are having problems with. So put yourselves in their shoes. What did you find difficult when you first started writing articles? What did you need to know? Then offer them the solution in your author resource box.

4 Keep it short, and include a call to action. This means telling the reader what to do next. You do not have to tell them to 'click the link' but encourage them to find out more or to grab your free stuff.

Most article directories allow you at least two, and sometime three links. To my mind two is sufficient. It is not necessary to confuse the issue with lots of links. I tend to have one link back to my blog, and another to whatever I am offering such as a free webinar to help them with their problems.

Make sure you are tracking your results so you know they are working well. If they do not work, try something else.

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