Article Marketing Strategy- Simple 4 Step Process

By: Jordan Schultz

Article marketing is a great way for you to share your content with a ton of people. It is also a great way to generate ongoing traffic to the same content that you've posted a long time ago. This marketing plan is different from a lot of other strategies in that way, because a lot of other marketing strategies require you to do the work again and again. Either you have to do the work again and again, or you have to spend money over and over again to maintain the traffic to your websites. It is for this reason that a lot of veteran marketers will choose article marketing for a technique, because it will lessen the amount of work they have to do over time.

Pretend that you've just written an article, and you've posted it to your blog or your website. That article is basically like an island in the middle of a very large ocean called the internet, direction. You have to build as many "bridges" to your article as you possibly can. The more bridges that are linking to your article, the better chance you have of ranking in the search engines for your keywords.

Before I get into the 4 step process, I'm going to teach you how to do some research so that your articles will actually rank in the search engines. It's not necessary for you to invest a lot of money to do the proper research, just time. keyword tool. Keywords being searched for less than 5000 times a month are ideal, because if you try to rank for the keywords that are searched much more than that, you'll have to write multiple articles.

After you do your keyword research and find the keywords you want to rank for, Check that site's Alexa ranking. Read the content on the webpage to give you some ideas about what to write your article on. Make sure you don't plagarize. You'll get penalized for that, and it's not good practice.

Here is the very simple 4-step process that I learned.

1. Write your own article- 500-750 words will suffice. Make the article very relevant to the keywords you're trying to rank for. Use the keyword in the title, and use it naturally in your writing. Post it to your website. I mentioned to use your keyword naturally, because you no longer have to worry as much about keyword density for the search engines to rank your article for that specific keyword.

2. Bookmark your article via onlywire. It's a free service if you place a link to onlywire on your website, otherwise it's $3 a month or so. sites, giving your article's first bridges. Also, these bookmarks will be from high traffic web sites which will rank greater in .

3. Promote your article through video sharing sites- written about, and then post the video to as many video sharing sites as you can. I recommend using Traffic Geyser to do this, because it will automate the process .

4. Don't skip this last step. Use a tool called "Automatic Article Submitter" this will post your article to almost 300 different article directories, which will give your article over 400 bridges. Using a tool like this will not only automate your submission process, but it will also spin your articles so they look slightly different, which will make the search engines more likely to look at it as different content all pointing back to the same original article.

The more links you have back to your article, the more relevant it will look in the . Hence, the more links you have pointing back to your content, the faster and easier your content will rank for whatever keywords you want. Using simple tools like the ones mentioned above will automate the process for you.

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