Article Marketing Made Simple-Keyword Research

By: Todd Bobal

Keyword research is one of the most mis-understood topics, too bad its the most important process when article marketing. I am going to explain how to target words that have a good amount of daily searches and that are going to get you on the first page of Google.

I do not care what type of content marketing your doing. Videos, blog, reports, articles or classified ads. Everything you do should revolve around a topic that is searched online. You need to be laser focused with your content or all of your work will be wasted. What is the use of being on the first page of Google if nobody is searching? This series is all about traffic and how to generate tons of targeted leads to your site.

The number one search engine on the internet is Google and they provide a great tool to begin your journey. Google will provide you with a lot of the basic information you will need to begin with. You need to already have a free account with them. Most of you probably already have a gmail account and that will do. If not then this is your first step. Once you have your free account, then bring up and type in keyword tool. the first site that pops up will be it.

Leave all of the settings on default and lets begin to brainstorm. In the box that states enter one keyword or phrase per line, type "MLM Leads". Or whatever you want to search for. Enter the captcha code and click the button get keyword ideas. Google will bring back several columns of information. The first column is the phrase you typed in and a list of related terms that are searched each month. The column marked global monthly search volume is where you need to focus on. The number is this column represents how many times the word or combination of words (phrase) is searched for globally in a month. I do not bother with anything less than 1000 searches a month. Every marketer is different and this is a personal choice.

Next I like to click the add button for each of the keywords that I want to check for competition. Remember only select the words that have at least 1000 searches per month. Do not waste your time with anything less then that. You can also click the link that says global monthly search volume and this will toggle the keywords with the most searches to the top. Do not worry about anything else at this point. Just grab a pretty good size list.

Next click the download to text file button on the right and Google will automatically take all of the keywords you selected and place them into a notepad list.

If you have not installed the free keyword tool at SEO book, SEO tool for firefox, I highly recommend you do. You will need this tool to research the competition.

Keyword competition research is very important. It can mean the difference if your article or video makes it to the first page of Google. This of course is our goal. So do not skip this step.

With SEO for firefox installed and turned on, copy and paste your first keyword from your notepad into a Google search bar and click search. Under each of the top ten results is the information that SEO tool returns. I want you to look at the page rank (PR) Each site will have a page rank of 0-10. Count up each of the ten sites and divide that number by 10. Anything under a 3.0 is a good keyword to target. Anything over 3.0 is not worth trying to rank for.

Finding keywords for article marketing is just that simple. Find a word or phrase that is being searched for at least 1000 per month and make sure the top ten sites do not have an average page rank of over 3.0. Article marketing does not have to be complicated and if your follow this simple formula for researching your keyword you will begin to achieve the results your looking for.

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Keyword research is only the beginning step when using articles to drive traffic to your site. Understanding how to write an article is another critical mistake that most people make. Article writing is simple when you follow a formula each time. Check out all of my tips on article marketing over at my blog and be sure to watch this video about keyword research now.

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