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By: Arnold Fulmer

Do you want a proven method to boost your search engine ranking and drive traffic to your website? Want to start making money through affiliate sales without the overhead of launching your own website? This article will share the absolute basics of article marketing and how you can benefit from writing a few articles a month.
What exactly is Article Marketing?
Article marketing, in its very basic form, is the process of submitting articles to websites and directories to create backlinks and drive traffic to a website. Unlike writing content for your personal website, certain article directories have high Page Rank and traffic which you’ll be able to tap into with just a bit of work.
The benefits of article marketing is that a link from a top Page Rank website will further increase your search engine ranking for a specific keyword. Likewise, you’ll have the ability to build a robust brand by sharing your expertise on other online platforms which could lead to users clicking through your included links back to your website or landing page.
How to start with Article Marketing
The fundamentals of article marketing are extremely simple to understand (which is why it’s sometimes called bum marketing):
· Step 1: Find a subject folks are searching on
· Step 2: Research your main keyword (that will be included as the link)
· Step 3: Write an article sharing valuable information but provide the solution through your link
· Step 4: Craft a perfect author byline which entices readers to click your link
· Step 5: Submit your articles to directories like EZineArticles, GoArticles and Buzzle
· Step 6: Ping your articles so they are indexed using PingGoat (or other services)
· Step 7: Test, Optimize and Repeat
Article marketing is nothing more than creating articles for the web. Writing three quick articles a day will lead to a huge number of powerful backlinks over the course of the year. Each new article you submit will also build your brand image and increase your overall traffic. Attempt to submit something new, to article directories, whenever you have downtime or a major campaign to promote a product or service.
Continually tweak and optimize your content; learn what does and doesn’t work. Write additional articles about topics that have worked and gain large click throughs. Dump your worst performing topics and focus on ones that matter. Repeat this process again and again until desired results.
Tip & Tricks to Improve your Article Marketing
Here are a handful of additional tips and tricks when implementing an article marketing campaign:
· Optimize your Author Byline – Continually test and tweak the effectiveness of your author byline; this is the area where you’ll be placing your link. A small tweak to your author byline may lead to an explosive growth of click throughs on your links and ultimately send you more traffic.
· Create ‘passable’ information – Write your articles so they introduce a subject and tease a reader with information but keep it restrictive enough to provide the reader a reason to click on your link for the solution to the overall problem.
· Track your Links – Track your links through the use of URL shorteners which are coupled with analytics. Learn which articles people are clicking through with your links and then replicate the success of these articles by writing more about the topic.
In all, consider your articles as micro websites on the web. You are going to be providing helpful information to a reader but additionally sharing your expertise and brand. You want the reader to click through your link while simultaneously tapping into the power of using a keyword for the anchor link.
Article marketing can be a powerful weapon in your internet marketing toolbox. Each article you write (or outsource) which is placed on an article directory will greatly improve your seo and traffic to your website; keep repeating this submission process on a routine basis and you’ll continually climb the search engine ladder.

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