Article Marketing, Does It Work?

By: Bob B Howard

About 4 weeks ago I listened to friend of mine tell me how he was using article marketing and getting up to 70 leads in a single day. I was really taken back because I knew this guy had only been on line for about two or three months. I was speechless. I knew how hard it was to do that because I was only getting 15 leads a day and I was using the costly Pay Per Click to do that. Just how was he doing this. Here are the techniques that Dave shared with me.

First, Dave needed to find topics that people in this industry would want to read. As a beginner Dave was not sure what those were so he researched what people were talking and started to wright articles not from his own knowledge but from what others were saying. It is significant that we realize this. All he as doing is negotiating what he was learning. It was not necessary that Dave have the answers or be the goto man, he just needed to know how to find the information. In his research he was able to create articles that he knew people were interested in because he knew how often they were searching for key words related to the articles. Additionally when he knew of someone that had success with a specific topic he would interview that person and put an MP3 on his blog or use the content to create another article.

Second, after the article was created, he would publish the article on his blog so that anyone could read the article. He would also optimize his blog so that the key words that people had been searching for were in the key words section of his blog so that the article could be found by the major search engines.

Thirdly, he needed articles to point to his article thereby giving it credibility. This is done by having your article published on lots and lots of sites on the Internet. By having these article links that are called back links, you will get the search engines to rank you higher on their pages for relevance.

And finally you must continue to create and post articles so your web site gets more and more traffic as more articles are created and posted across the Internet. As more and more key word popular articles get created and these articles rank higher and higher by the search engines and more and more traffic is generated for you website things begin to accelerate as the traffic increases and the site become more popular.

In Dave's case this led to him being able to generate a multiple 5 figure income in a matter of a few days. He also had the benefit of adding many new people to his primary business. I interviewed Dave a few days ago and he shared some of what he was able to do in this interview. You can see that by visiting my blog.

In conclusion,Does it work? It sure does. It has worked for me as well as I share on my blog right after the interview with Dave.

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To see the video interview with Dave you can go here. To learn more about me, visit my blog .

Bob Howard

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