Article Marketing - A 9th Grader Could Do It!

By: Eric (GetRichMan) Hendrix

Article Marketing seems to be all the rage these days. By doing it you can get
traffic to a site of your choice for some time. Driving traffic using this method is truly unbelievable.

How is this done?

The theory is: you write articles and submit them to an article sites and you get traffic from those sites. Sounds too simple, right?
No, it's not that simple but it is easier than you might think.

The foremost aim to writing articles for building traffic to your site is for the
“Backlink”. Possibly you do not know about the word it is merely a link in the article
when clicked on will take the reader to the page you selected. With sufficient backlinks you gain a higher
recognition with search engines thus your page ranking increase.

Article Marketing is like writing for Gold. Time and Effort is your only
investment for your "Free Gold".

You are probably saying to yourself, I can’t write articles, Where would I start? I have not the talent for that type thing.

You are not going to have to write a novel. All that is needed is to write on a 9th grader level
(so I've been told) you will do great.

Articles and Backlinks - exactly how many is enough?

I could just say more then the other guy/gal and be done with it. That phraze being very simple at most, but with careful selection of keywords used in the articles this too can help you get the desired effect.

So you have targeted the number one page of MSN. You write an article and submit it to two hundred article directories. If that is more than the other person you win. If not write another article. Taking your rightful place at the top of the heap.

Check back from time to time to see your placement has not changed. Are you starting to see how this works?

Another important part of writing is the quantity of the exact same article on the web. You really want to avoid doing the exact copy for each directory.

So does this mean you have to write a separate article for each and every site to If time is money this is not the most effective way to go about it, is it?There has got to be a better way.

Of course there is.

There are products out on the Internet that allow you to write an article and
Those products are not going to do you very much good as far as Duplication is

You will see there are those offering a simalar feature such as "Spinning". each directory's article
just enough to be unique,

To save you tedius work some offer push-buton registration.
Automatic tasks are a great feature in this venue.

With so many selections which is the right one for you? When I decided to write articles I studied several of these programs. but they only have one or two features they really focus on and really is not as effective as the one I use.

I am going to guess you have interest in what I recomend. I really do not expect to get a whole lot of rivalry by doing this.

A very few of those looking at this will even try the product. Some may purchase it and save it without even trying it.

Unbelieveable, don't you think? The truth is stranger than fiction, as they say.

Selections can be made to let's say have the Internet gods on your side. Maybe the next time I'll write about that one.

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