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By: Moby Bond

Practical work is always more enjoyable and informative than theory, that much has always been proven. This is why classes that give out practical knowledge to kids are more popular among them than classes where they have to sit and listen to the teacher drone on. The base of all practical classes is an art class. It is the one class that children look forward to because it is here that they first learn to make something out of nothing.

An art class is highly beneficial as it gives the students a chance to show off their creative skills. As a teacher, you must be supportive and provide encouragement to your students to explore their creative side and come up with something innovative.

Now, for young kids, possibly preschoolers, an art class is like any other class. The teacher shows them something and they follow suit. But even in these classes, the kids can be encouraged to create and innovate.

There are a lot of activities that you can undertake in an art class for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Some of these are mentioned below:

Muffin Liner Flowers: For this activity, you will need a few muffin liners, both silver and plain. You will also need, a construction paper, some colored buttons, glue and colored pencils.

First ask the kids to apply glue on the back of the muffin liners; next ask them to stick these liners on the spot where they want flowers on the construction paper. Once all the liners are stuck on paper, ask them to apply a little glue in the center of the muffin liner and stick a button over it. Repeat this action till all the liners have buttons stuck in their centers. Finally, ask the kids to complete the picture by using their color pencils to draw stems and leaves for the flowers.

Fruit Basket: For this activity, you will require, non toxic, non-lead paint, drawing paper, and a color palette.

The kids will be given a set of fruits that they have to create on the drawing paper using their hands. For example, if they have to draw an apple, they will paint their palm with red paint and then press their palms on the paper to create the shape of an apple. Next apply some green paint on the thumb and press the thumb above the apple to create a leaf and stem. In this way, they can create multiple fruits using various colors. The teacher however needs to ensure that the children wash their hands thoroughly after the class is over.

Sorting The Pulses: You will need small bowls and a variety of pulses that could include Peas, Lentils, Kidney Beans, Macaroni, Sunflower seeds and more. The number of bowls should be equal to the number of different pulses you have.

You must ask the kids to sort out the pulses. Once done, they can have a make believe cooking session.

Art activities need to be fun and should still be educational and informative. These activities will help you achieve a fine balance between fun and education.

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