Are you sure you are safe from radiation?

By: Alex Bacon

You may not be able to give the scientific definition for radiation but you will be surprised at the many places you get to encounter them in your daily life. We live in a modern world where the applications of radiation are many, like in healthcare, construction, research and defence. So issues regarding radiation shielding and radiation protection become important if we want to protect ourselves from harmful rays. For example, say you have to be diagnosed for a broken bone or a lung disease, you will have to use x-rays and digital scanners. For people employed in a place where they are exposed to a lot of radiation, they will have to use some protective measures to shield themselves from the rays like lead lined doors, lead bricks, lead pots, lead suits etc. Otherwise, constant exposure to these rays could cause various kinds of cancer as the rays are able to cause mutations in our DNA or cause radiation sickness. How do I know if I have radiation sickness?

If you experience some of these symptoms and have potentially been exposed to radiation, then you probably have radiation sickness or radiation poisoning. You should immediately consult a professional to treat you if you feel you have radiation sickness.
o You feel nauseous and sick
o Exposed skin looks inflamed, reddish, tender or swollen
o You feel dehydrated
o You feel weakness, exhaustion and extreme fatigue
o Vomiting of blood
o Bleeding from body orifices like mouth, nose, gums and rectum
o Have diarrhea
o Have oral ulcers and bruises on the skin
What can I do to protect myself from radiation?
The type of radiation shielding or protection you require will depend on the level of radiation you are exposed to daily. For example, people working in a nuclear plant where they are exposed to high radiation need more levels of radiation protection than someone who works in healthcare. In a nuclear plant or a nuclear powered naval vessel, you will need high performance lead shielding, radiation shielding radiation suits etc. Other than the main radiation protection measures, you can also use supporting radiation shielding products such as lead chevrons and lead bricks- to make sure you do not get exposed to harmful rays. The required protection from radiation is not a one size fits all solution. There are many companies who offer custom made radiation protection services so as to meet each client’s individual needs to protect themselves from x-rays, gamma-rays and neutron-rays. These companies can manufacture various sizes and types of radiation protection and shielding equipments to fulfill your unique needs.

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