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This is a game from generation to generation is slowly ending, is also the best period made us recall all aspects of the game in the past few years. Today's topic is the screen, it is not the best picture, but the most shocking game screen. The effect of these images may not have the ultra-realistic and ultra-high hardware requirements as "FARCRY3" or "Armed Assault", but they do not bring you the shock from the games.
For example, this game will take you into a fantasy world, with various styles of architecture, background, and psychedelic colors that will be stunned you. The following games, are they once amazed your eyes?
1. "Devil May Cry 5"
The recent rebirth of "Devil May Cry" series is in the list. Game is criss-cross with the real world and the devildom, the real world is dark, but the color of the devildom seems strong. These are nothing, the most surprising is the latter levels.
Yes, in the battle of TV station Bob Barbas threw Dante into a world of news, the virtual electronic style is very innovative. As for the latter Lilith stage was so dazzling that people doubt on whether this game got through the epilepsy test (too bright colors can trigger epilepsy patients attacked).
Anyway, I think it is very innovative and dazzling, is also very interesting when play, what about you?
2 "Super Mario Galaxy"
It can basically guarantee each Mario game is colorful adventure, also is full of cartoon-style world. "Yoshi's Island" and "Mario continent" is both good, but when it comes to the finest, and most dazzling, none is the best than the "Super Mario Galaxy". Commendablely, it is really difficult that games can do similar HD screen on the Wii.
Game designers use so many colors and subtle barriers to render a beautiful fairy-tale world. The style of each planet is not the same, making people play happily.
3. "Mirror's Edge"
The first time I saw "Mirror's Edge" feel amazing! It is fresh but not simple.
DICE really has a lot of experience in the first person. The "Mirror's Edge" emphasis on the freedom to run opened a wave of parkour at that time, also left people a deep impression on the game screen.
4. "Prince of Persia"
Leaving aside for the gameplay (that is immortal protagonist and too much monkey style), this works has its advantages on the screen at least.
After the release of "Prince of Persia", "The Sands of Time" trilogy can be considered to come to an end. Different from "The Sands of Time" trilogy, new works "Prince of Persia" is produced by the Ubisoft Montreal studio, the story is based on the classic "One Thousand and One Nights", compared with the previous works, the game screen is more cartoonish, due to the use of the latest cartoon rendering technology, the game screen looks almost the same even with the cartoon.
Experience in ancient mythology world personally by the style of very delicate and exquisite illustration, Prince of Persia unique screen features strive to find the perfect balance between the classical painting and modern styling, which makes the game always reflect the lively and dynamic watercolor.
5. "Enslaved - Odyssey to the West"
Most of end games will take the dark tone of the game, such as "Fallout 3", "Darksiders" and so on, but "Enslaved - Odyssey to the West" will do the opposite. The game story is set in the human destruction a century later. The whole world called the "slavery" is surrounded by the damaged high-rise buildings and numerous wild fauna and flora.
This is a bold use of color selection, and achieving good results. Eschatological features of the game are shown perfectly, especially the latter levels have gregarious tribes and the piles of garbage mountain, made people praise.

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