Are too many newsletters helping or hurting your money building efforts?

By: Janet Andersen

How many newsletters are taking over your email inbox at this time? If you are like most Internet Marketers you will wince as you reflect on the number. Well, let me fill you in on an something trick I just learned at this site I just joined. As you know, the more electronic mail you pick up the added time it will take you to sort through it. That time is taken away from your much more pressing concerns, for example the creation of money.

What you need is more concentration, you will be required to have the time to focus your labors on what is the primary thing in your life... that is next to your family and friends... making money. Is this not why you are reading this?

So how do we get our concentration back?

  • To Start off, unsubscribe to all the newsletters that you actually never get around to actually reading. Be brutal

  • Next, produce a new mailbox (perhaps labeled "Newsletters To Read") to put every one of the left over newsletters until you have time to read them. This cleans out your InBox in favor of your more vital emails, like the "you have made some money" notifications.

  • Next, make a filter to routinely shift these e-newsletter into the new mailbox you just created.

Now, the next time you collect your emails all those pesky newsletters, which you never take the time to read, are sent away and should stop cluttering up your InBox giving you time to concentrate on your Online business.

Now, doesn’t that feel better having a clean InBox? Then we need to start working on controlling the number of times per day which you pick-up electronic mail. Do you spend some days getting your email every hour for the reason that you are bored and hunting for a distraction from what you are working on? I know I am guilty of it every now and then.

Well it is time to STOP!

You can't let your electronic mail have power over your life, it is time for you to take control and show email who is the superior being.

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