Are cheap Logo Design Services worth it?

By: edward fery

Logo design is a concept which symbolizes the company to public and customers, but we all know that. There are many companies who sell logo designs from $10 to 1000$. Some of them are deemed as professionals while other who sells logo designs for less than 30$ are sometimes regarded as immature individuals rather than companies.
The difference:
From 10$ to 50$ designs: The price is moderate and extremely affordable by normal enterprises. But these types of logo designers are labeled as rookies or beginners. Although some of them are advanced but offer their services for less or half price.
Sometimes, it also depends on the client as well. Some time the logos of clients are not as much detailed and they don’t need high themes and templates. For these logo designs the designers usually charge fewer prices.
For example: If an auto logo design maker is asked to design a logo related to a car for an auto mobile company. There are chances that he might charge less depending on the work and details needed in the design. But on this basis he cannot be termed as a rookie or a beginner.
Although there are some rookies, but as the saying goes you cannot learn without having experience.
50$ and above designers: Same is the case with services logo design of a company which offers design concepts for a price higher than 50$ (normally). Most companies will ask these companies to design their logos. Although they know that they are charging quite a bit higher price than other design companies.
However as we all know it’s the human psychology. We tend to go towards those types of services which are out of our reach or which are higher.
For example: A manufacturer logo design is ordered to such a company. The manufacturer might negotiate for the price offered although there are chances that he might not negotiate. In that case he will pay the price in full, although knowing that the design he has ordered to that company could be made in a price less than the one asked for.
In conclusion I would like to add that it does not depend on ‘the price asked’ all the time. There are chances that sometime that may happen, but to be sure some samples need to be checked of those companies which are according to your requirements.
After total satisfaction of their samples and way of work only then an order should be given to these companies. It not only increases accuracy in design but also helps in avoiding common hurdles.

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