Are auburn jokes really bad jokes?

By: Jhoana_Cooper

It seems that auburn jokes are taking the world by storm, much the same way that blonde jokes were a decade ago. Auburn beauties are envied by some and seen as temperamental by others. Some of the really bad jokes about auburns tend to focus on Lindsay Lohan, of whom there is enough material for an entire joke category.

So what is a blonde in a room full of auburns? Invisible. This is one of the auburn jokes that went around about brunettes years ago. Some of the jokes are considered funny, especially if they are one liners. Bad jokes tend to take up too much time and do not make sense. Unlike blonde jokes, auburn jokes often have to rely on the other person thinking that auburn haired women - and yes, the jokes are usually about women - have a certain personality. Many of the bad jokes about auburns are really just blonde jokes in disguise.

Auburns have had an easy time of it up until now. The world was so focused on blonde and brunette jokes that auburns were ignored. This left an entire joke category open to those who write jokes. With famous auburn haired women such as the notorious Lindsay Lohan bursting onto the scene and wreaking havoc wherever she goes, attention was soon diverted to auburn jokes as well as auburn haired women. Many of these jokes are disparaging to those with auburn hair just as blonde jokes are disparaging, in many cases, to blondes. But most people who listen to these bad jokes and who have auburn hair love the jokes. Many feel that it is about time that those with auburn hair got some attention in the joke world.

Bad jokes come in two categories - bad because they are not funny and bad because they are offensive. Most people who make these bad jokes do not mean to offend. Jokes are meant to be taken lightly and most people will laugh the hardest when the joke is directed towards their group. Most blondes get a kick out of blonde jokes just as auburns get a kick out of auburn jokes.

The funny thing about jokes, no pun intended, is that they can usually be rearranged to fit any group of people. How many auburns does it take to change a light bulb? The answer can be 10 - one to hold the bulb and 9 to turn the ladder. This is an example of one of the bad jokes that have been labeled at just about every ethnic group as well blondes. .

If you are looking for jokes, even bad jokes, you can find them by going online. The great thing about the internet is that you can have a ton of information right at your fingertips. So go and find some jokes and then tell them to the auburn haired people you know. It is all in fun.

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It looks like auburn haired women are finally coming into recognition with auburn jokes a joke category of their own. You can find both good and bad jokes, by going online.

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