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!b>How to Get Tinnitus Relief

Chronic ear ringing from tinnitus is an "common" disorder but tinnitus is difficult to treat. Below is a short list of tinnitis relief suggestions that could help you.

A Few Tinnitus Survival Tips

As a general rule you should try to avoid exposure to loud noise at all costs and keep earplugs with you if you might be going to be at a noisy place. If you are having to talk above your normal levels to make yourself understood, it is probably too loud and you should use the earplugs or leave to avoid damage. This will help with tinnitus relief.

People with tinnitus should avoid ototoxic drugs (drugs that have a harmful effect on the organs or nerves connected with hearing and balance). These medications include:

Aminoglycoside antibiotics when given intravenously or by injection. Some popular brand names for this group of antibiotics include Gentamicin, Streptomycin, Amilkacin, Neomycin and Tobramycin.
Quinine-based anti-malarial's (Choroquine) or anti-arrhythmic's (Quinidine)
Platinum-based Chemotherapeutic agents (Cisplatin) Some doctors suggest avoiding the antibiotic Zithromax (azithromycin) or the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Relafen (nabumetone).

Try to stay away from complete silence if you are a sufferer of tinnitus. In the absence of any noise your auditory system will start playing tricks on you and the tinnitus will be magnified. Try to ensure that you have some sort of environmental noises around you. Ear ringing sufferers often play ambient music or even some type of "white noise" to mask the ear ringing levels.

Experts advise tinnitus sufferers to hold the ears close to the head and use the thumbs and index fingers to massage the outer edges of both ears, including the earlobes. Reflexologists suggest pressing or massaging the area below the last two fingers on the palm of each hand, and/or the sole of each foot between the little toe and the middle toe.

Many have found a lowering of the tinnitus noises is brought about by doing something that increases the blood circulation to the head. Recommended exercise such as jogging, speed walking, swimming, cycling and aerobic activities.

Many tinnitus sufferers find relaxation and meditation techniques to be useful in providing tinnitus relief. Not all relaxation techniques work for everyone, so it's important to find one that you are comfortable with.
Tinnitus counsellers suggest using mediation or soft, comforting music.

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