Are You Satisfied With Netflix Argentina Or Netflix France?

By: Vikram Kuamr

Watching movies is one of the main interests of many people around the world, not just in the United States. Arguably the most popular online streaming movie network, Netflix, however, does not seem to have appreciated just how much people outside of the United States could add to their bottom line. The problem with Netflix in the countries outside the United States is either that they do not get access to Netflix to start with, or have access to a shrunken selection of movie titles when they do. Netflix Argentina is in the latter category since early 2012, when Netflix opened up access in Argentina but provided a movie selection that was poor compared to that in the United States, and Netflix France is nothing more than a dream.

Most people have heard of Netflix in one way or another, but many people outside of the United States do not really know how it works, because they have no access to it. The Netflix Company is, however, among the largest companies in entertainment, and is even of a size to rival Apple. Their business approach is actually exceedingly simple, and is really just video rentals, but tailored for the internet era. With internet access in most households around the world, and average internet speeds constantly rising, it makes streaming entire high quality movies possible, whereas previously internet speeds were too slow to make streaming movies an enjoyable experience.

So what can you do if you are outside the United States but want to make use of Netflix? The easiest way to do so is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. The problem with trying to use Netflix outside the United States without a VPN is that your computer sends a signal to the Netflix computers, telling them where in the world you are. With a VPN service, however, you are able to trick the Netflix computers into thinking that you are in the United States, thereby gaining access to the United States version of Netflix.

With a VPN service, you pay a subscription rate, either a monthly or yearly rate, and in return you receive your very own United States online “address” that other computers will think is your real location. This is the most convenient solution because once you have subscribed to the service, you need no longer worry about being able to access Netflix, or any other site that blocks access from outside the United States, for that matter. Moreover, there is no need to fuss with unwieldy online portals, as you might have to do with other services that simply hide your online address instead of giving you a “faked” one.

So if you are tired of using Netflix Argentina, with its limited range of movies, and would like to experience what the United States version of Netflix has to offer, or if you are tired of dreaming of a time when there will be a Netflix France, then you should definitely think about subscribing to a VPN service to fulfill all your movie watching needs.

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