Are You Planning To Plant A New Garden? Equip Yourself with These Essential Tools

By: Steven D Smith

Gardening is a wonderful hobby. Additionally, it increases the green cover in your area and does its bit for the environment. So, if you have decided to indulge in this wonderful art, you need to get started with basic tools. Be prepared for some hard physical labor. Put on your gardening gloves, boots, hat and get going. Here is a list of essential tools you'll need to get started.

A garden spade

You need a garden space to dig and create niches for plants. There are different kinds of spades you can choose from. The choice should essentially be made based on your physique. The spade should not force you to bend too low because you could injure your lower back. You should be able to stand comfortably while digging. Special light weight varieties of spades are available for women.

A garden hoe

A hoe helps you clear up space in the garden. It simplifies removal of weeds and grass. You can use the hoe to loosen the top layer of the soil and remove unnecessary roots. Another important use of a garden how is to enhance the ease of mixing compost and fertilizers. This multipurpose garden tool helps you mix compost and clear out weeds without disturbing the beds after you plant saplings.

A garden fork

Forks are used for digging and breaking up soil before planting or sowing. These important gardening tools should not be confused with pitchforks. Garden forks come with four forks and a long handle. The spokes of the fork dig deeper into the soil and loosen up the top layer. They are more functional than spades. Forks can also be used to rake out debris and pull our weeds. The main advantage of using a garden fork is that it does not damage already existing roots in the garden.

Garden hose

You cannot start gardening without a hose, unless you are prepared for the backbreaking labor involved in watering your garden using buckets. A hose makes the job much easier. You should also have a watering can.

Small tools

You can use different small handheld tools for different purposes. One of the most useful tools is the shovel. These are small and round with pointed tips. They are used to dig the ground for planting. To dig a straight edge, you can use a square headed shovel.

A trowel is another instrument that eases the task of digging and making holes in the ground for planting. Trowels have a narrow sharp blade and are more suitable for digging hard grounds. A Japanese farmer's knife is a combination of a trowel and knife. It is very useful if you plan to sow bulbs. When you prepare bed for planting, you can use the Japanese knife to cut large roots and stems of undesirable plants.

Soil scoops are helpful in scooping out small amounts of soil when you plant seeds or saplings. They are also very useful for mixing compost.

In addition, secateurs, shears, saws, rakes and sprayers can be put to good use. When you purchase these tools, prefer stainless steel ones because they are more durable.

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