Are You Enough Well-heeled To Choose The Best Dress Shoes

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Generally speaking, every woman has a passion for high heeled shoes, and even man also like to wear another kind of high heel shoes which called elevator shoes. However, you may not familiar with the word “well-heeled”. It is first appeared in 1873. In the 16th and 17th centuries, only rich people can afford to change shoes heel in time, so that shoes can be worn for a long time. So as shoes heel won’t be ugly because of excessive wear. But ordinary people is can't afford the cost of frequent replacement of heel, so well - heeled gradually became the meaning of "rich".

Men’s taste can be viewed from the feet. A pair of good shoes has big effect on one’s taste. There are many shoes brand that make the best dress shoes for men with high quality skills and design. Although a pair of exquisite dress shoes maybe very expensive, but it is must be worth. dfxcnv1vs

4 factors should be considered when choosing dress shoes: good leather, durable, good technology, comfortable. Regardless of styles and materials, basic requirement of dress shoes is comfortable with good quality.

Let’s talk about cortex first. Calfskin is the basic requirement to judge good material, divided into non-shave and shave. Shaving means decorating blemishes by a variety of processes and finally the pressure with pattern. Some low-end shoes in brand shoes are adopted such technology, so the price is relatively low.
Besides about the shoes craft. Sole process technology can be divided into adhesive craft, inseam craft, Goodyear welt seam craft and Norwegian stitch.

Worst craft is adhesive craft; put the upper, insole and outsole glue together; this kind of shoes will be unglued for a long time. Most midrange brand shoes adopt inseam craft, use sewing thread to connect the upper and sole, and other components directly stitched together, then with glue. Such shoes can still be unglued and unsightly. High-end shoes are in border stitching craft to hide inseam. Chamaripa customized dress shoes are adopted with such process.

Next major talk about Goodyear stitch. It is currently the most advanced footwear sewing methods. In simple terms, a completely Goodyear stitching shoes should have seven layers: dress shoes, uppers, insoles, cushion as a whole, as well as soft pulp middle layer, and then through the border strip to fix with soles, the major components are independent, convenient to replace. In England movie, we can always hear that change a palm for my shoes, for shoes soles are easily to broken. Shoes with Goodyear stitch can easily to change soles. Many old England brand shoes can offer service of changing soles lifetime.

Goodyear stitch layers introduce:

1. Insoles, soft cortex covered on the midsole, direct contact with feet;

2. Middle sole, located under the insole, served to fix structure;

3. Outsoles, direct contact with the ground, usually made of thick leather, in addition to enhanced wear resistance, more importantly, can play a good breathable wicking capabilities.

4. Welt, an important part of Goodyear process. Connecting the uppers, insoles and outsoles, support the entire shoes structure. After a long time wearing shoes are not easily deformed, but also increase the firmness combined uppers and soles, while enhancing the soles worn repairability, using the extension of the structure of the process of sewing shoes, the soles are basically can be replaced.

5. Cork padding layer, in the sole locale hollow cork filling layer, can play the role of flexibility along with wicking capabilities.

6. Heel, followed by several layers of hard leather superposition; and add some type of booster function inserts; in heel position, wear-resistant rubber sheet, slowing heel wear.

7. Leaf spring, typically made of good elasticity sheet steel material, placed in the bottom of the arch position and the insulating layer, had the effect of cushion when walking.

Some shoes make process of fake Goodyear, but the actual sewing and gluing or border. In fact, no border seam is not too strong, but because fewer layers, so for the end cannot, wear comfort is also low, only referred to as pseudo Goodyear.

Norway seam are seldom used now. It is characterized by a more dense than the Goodyear stitching, multi, like braids, as usually with thick soles, shoes will be heavy, it turned out to be a process for Nordic muddy shoes. A good pair of dress shoes should at least be made with Goodyear stitching.

At last, if you don’t know how to clean and maintain your dress shoes, one pair of thousand dollar shoes can be seems as low-end one. So, before wearing dress shoes, remember "clean feeling" is always the first element of manufacturing high-end impression. Keep in mind that at any time to take care of your shoes, regular maintenance and wipe clean.

If you have already learned such knowledge, you are able to choose the best dress shoes for you.

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