Are You Considering A Raised Home Greenhouse?

By: Floren Neel

It’s a bright sunny and summer morning. Everything has been washed clean by a sudden overnight rain. You stepped out with your fruit basket in hand. The very thought of mouthwatering ripe strawberries and lip smacking berries however makes you over anxious to step outside at your emerald home greenhouse. You took a quick look around and saw your neighbor is looking across pool of mud to her flowers, fruits and vegetables. But you simply walk down your raised bed garden path and watch the flowers and berries in full bloom.

Possibly you even lean over the narrow frame to pluck all those garden fresh, clean and plump berries from your raised bed! And there are the bright green sweet peas, hanging off the fence that re so easy to pick ( without even having to stoop low). You still pluck a few fresh salads and herbs, and then you are back at your dining table, planning for a berry topped cereal bowl!

Needless to say, the ease and convenience of getting there anytime, rain or no rain has made raised bed gardening concept a massive success amongst the gardeners. Certainly, your raised bed greenhouse are also helpful for shielding those tender especially those frost tender plants and is also a great place to start new plants prior the final spring frost ushers in. To be honest, they need not to be huge, elaborate or expensive, rather your raised beds are the incredible methods of growing anything from ‘red roses’ to sweet ad plump berries, from tomatoes to sweet peas, from salads and herbs to fruit trees. The fact has been scientifically tested and proven that the raised beds offer a rather controlled environment and nutrient enriched soil in places where the native soil is poor.

A raised bed home greenhouse is increasingly becoming popular day by day. Still the pertinent questions remain unanswered, is there any valid reason behind the incredible success of raised beds or is this just an obvious result of a fad or of sheer landscaping techniques! Raised gardens have their own individual advantages. Being typically elevated above the ground level, your raised small greenhouse would be able to provide you with a longer growing season.

Moreover, owing to its elevated platform the raised beds would be able to drain rather easily than their ground level cousins and this kind of gardening idea is especially beneficial fir the soils with high clay content. Also it is rather easier to work (mulching and weeding) on a raised garden than any ground level plot because it doesn’t require the gardener to bend and stoop more than it is absolutely necessary. For the gardener who aren’t enough mobile to stop and bend low to reach their gardens, small raised greenhouses stand as an adaptable concept.

One quick tip – The right size for your raised home greenhouse is certainly no longer than just 4 feet wide. This will not only allow you to reach right at the center of the bed, but it will also help you in avoiding the need to step on the soil. Remember stepping on to your garden soil will cause it to get compacted. This will also reduce the total amount of oxygen which your soil may contain.

Sure, your raised bed can be as long as you want it to be however it is recommended that you craft a pathway at the other side of the bed within every10 feet. This will improve the overall access to almost all parts of your garden.

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Floren Neel is associated with some garden house and home greenhouse material suppliers for a long time. Hence, with time he learned how to make good small greenhouse, raised bed garden, roof top garden and other outdoor innovations easily.

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