Are Politicians Are Lying E Cigarettes?

By: Calris Luna

The issue of e cigarettes has been a thorny issue that has meant that smoker are trying to find out if there are any dangers that are linked to vaping as it is called. As the FDA is being seen as dragging its feet in the issue of regulation the states are stepping up to the challenge and there have been many of them that have passed legislation on banning the sale of e cigarettes to minors in a move that has already been applauded by top e cigarette brands such as Blu Cigs.
One of the rare examples of states going against this system was when Rep Gail Haines was one of the lawmakers that voted in the 148-member Michigan Legislature voted against a bill that would ban the sale of e cigarettes to minors. Yet many say that it is contradictory and a clash of interests as she is the head of the Health Policy Committee in the Michigan House of Representatives. Many experts say that at the very least she should have banned the sales to minors as this has been encouraged by even the e cig manufacturers
Yet the governor is considering not banning but instead they are aiming to introduce regulatory powers that will treat electronic cigarettes just like tobacco. Yet they are not banning the e cigarettes to be sold to minors yet there might even be considering levying a tax on e cigarettes will be considered as a follow up to some other states.
Many believe that the state legislature bodies are supposed to do what is in the best interest of the smoking community and the freedom and welfare of the citizens that it represents. In fact the fact that there was a 96-14 vote in the Michigan House that was in favor of the banning vapor cigarette sales to minors as well as the 38-0 vote in the US Senate many say was proof enough to show that most of the Michigan lawmakers had taken the issue of minors smoking very seriously. This is because many people believed that the basic belief is that in the end the interest and the children will remain protected, while adults are treated like adults.
The recent statements that were made by Rep. Haines that “Do we want to wait for [the] feds to decide their direction while Michigan youth are becoming addicted to nicotine by use of e-cigarettes with flavors such as gummy bears, cheesecake, and cotton candy?”
Many say that it is contradictory to her actions as she had the opportunity to make a decision that would have protected the children from the dangers of the so called dangers of smokeless cigarettes.
Yet it has been proven that her statement when she said that “the truth is that e-cigarettes contain nicotine.” Yet the reality is that some of the best selling electric cigarette products on the market are the ones that do not have any nicotine at all.
Proven to be a highly efficient method of creating many murderous cancers. But while very addictive, not healthy, and not something we should be letting children purchase, nicotine use by itself is but a tiny fraction of tobacco’s threat. Confusing these problems is like comparing shoplifting a t-shirt with aggravated murder.
In fact there are a growing number of smokers that are saying they are now having a better lifestyle now that they are vaping vapor cigarettes than when they were smoking tobacco cigarettes.

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