Are Cheap TVs Worth the Money?

By: DanPartridge

Cheap TVs of unknown brands are always a much bigger risk for the savings of a few hundred pounds.

What are your expectations when you buy a television? People do wish to buy cheap TVs but they also expect a few other things in the purchase of TVs. In general, people look at the following items whilst looking for cheap TVs.

- Features of the television
- Type of TV - CRT, LCD, Plasma
- Price of TV
- Consistency in performance
- Life Expectancy
- Probability of failure or repairs
- After-sales-service

Unknown Brands vs. Reputed Brands

Reputed brands of TVs always cost more than unknown brands or unbranded TVs. Even amongst reputed brands, brands like Sony and Sharp cost more than Samsung or LG. Unknown brands do offer cheap TVs and they may have all the features of branded televisions. Even the design of the cabinet of such unknown brands may be aesthetically more stylish than the reputed brands. However, you would do well to remember the famous adage, “Looks can be deceptive”.

Compromise of Quality in Cheap TVs

It is true that some unknown brands are likely to have as much high quality as reputed brands. Still, normally unknown brands offer cheap TVs only by compromising on quality. These companies are unreliable operators and they do not care whether their products last for 5 to 7 years. If they sell large numbers in a short time, it is more than enough for them. That is the reason for their offering cheap TVs.

The picture tube quality is one of the most important in televisions. The price of the picture tubes varies considerably with quality. If a cheap or an already used picture tube is fitted to the new television, this will result in lot of savings to the manufacturer. Further, the circuit design and the components used in the circuit also offer considerable scope for cost cutting. When cheap picture tubes and internal components are used to build the televisions, the chances for early failure are much higher. When this happens, you may not even be able to find the manufacturers or receive prompt repair service from them.

If you try to get such cheap TVs repaired by your local TV technician, you might find that spare parts are not easily available, because these unbranded manufacturers would have used non-standard components. Thus, you will be saddled with a television that cannot be repaired when it fails. These risks are not there when you buy a television of a reputed brand. Unless the television works for 5 to 7 years, the investment in it is considered a waste by people knowledgeable in the consumer appliances industry. What is the use of buying cheap TVs for a few hundred pounds lesser and then purchase another one within 2 to 3 years? The actual cost you have paid for these two televisions will be around 60% higher than the cost of a good branded television of higher original cost.

From the above, it is very clear that cheap TVs are never an intelligent option in the end. Paying a few hundred pounds more now for reputed brands will definitely save you lot of heartache later on.

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