Are Americans Really Ready To Lose Weight?

By: Keith M. Henry

Right now in the United States there are approximately 127 million adults that are overweight, 60 million that are obese, and close to 9 million that are severly obese!

The issue does not stop there however, even our childrren are overweight! The newspaper, USA Today, in a Oct. 2005 article reported on the results of a study that found that 62% of adult Americans and 34% of children were overweight or obese!

MSNBC online relayed in an article dated July 19, 2007 that if the current increase in weight gain keeps on at its current pace, by the year 2015 a total 75% of Americans will be overweight and 41% will be obese!

The article also mentioned that by that time 24% of youngsters and teenagers will be overweight or obese.


The solution is actually quite simple... write more weight loss checks than you make fat deposits! When I see clients I always use as my model what I have termed, the "Genesis Code Weight Loss Plan".

Think about this...every succesful business enterprise utilizes a model or plan that they have proven time and time again. Look again at prosperous atheletes, why is it that they succeed again and again and again?

Because they have a "system" or mode that they have honed...a program...and they do it well and systematically.

Basically the Genesis Code Weight Loss Plan goes back to the beginning, to Genesis, to see the type of lifestyle program that was originally given to Mankind. Then we apply these principles to modern times... the results...nothing short of amazing. It works and it works consistently, and it works every time, if the principles are followed.

Do most people have to make lifestyle changes to benefit from the GENESIS CODE WEIGHT LOSS system? NO! You do not have do to do anything, its totally up to you...The issue is...Do you want to lose weight or not? Do you want to keep it off or not? Are you tired of being overweight or obese or not?

Do you want to loose weight bad enough to make the necessary lifestyle changes to accomplish the desire to lose weight?

When my clients want to lose weight I tell them plainly what they MUST to do to accomplish it. When they do it they see positive results rather quickly, when they don't then they remain the same...simple as that.

What's the code? in a nutshell Think about this... More or less 85% of the fat that you eat comes from the flesh of animals and dairy are hereby making fat deposits into your fat savings account ...notwithstanding hurling your acid pH balance out of cync!

Consider that the body requires the correct amounts of water everyday or you will not loose weight the way that you should.

And then there is the application of the code with reference to rest, attitude, Sunlight, eating times,exercise, fresh air etc.

Check out the GENESIS WEIGHT LOSS CODE, and I think that you will see that the Creator had it right to begin with!

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Keith M. Henry is a medical missionary herbalist helping for losing weight and Naturopathic Doctor Candidate. Be sure to grab his work Lost Weight Boost... Your Metabolism Also visit

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