Are All Conveyancers or Solicitors the Same? And Whats Best for Me?

By: Mind Spark

You may ask yourself whether all conveyancers and solicitors are the same as they seem to do the same job. The simple answer is no, they are not all the same, even though they may appear to be doing the same job.

Whilst your conveyancer or solicitor may undertaking the same formal conveyancing process, the quality of the service they offer is substantially different.

Those in the higher priced category will offer you a much better service in terms of attention to detail, more advice and one-on-one conferences. They will usually anticipate problems and find ways to avoid those problems.

Those who charge more are also likely to have more experience and so they will be able to deal with any problems which may crop up in a more effective and efficient manner. They will often have many clients who are willing to pay more for their experience and so are not offering a low price to draw clients in. Their reputations would often speak for themselves.

If you are using a solicitor, sometimes they may be an accredited property law specialist, which means that they are specialists not only in the area of conveyancing but property law in general, which includes matters such as compulsory acquisition, adverse possession and other property matters. If your solicitor is an accredited property law specialist then highly likely you will be paying more.

Those in the lower priced category will often offer you the bare necessities. They will more often than not, complete only the necessities of the conveyancing process but will not offer any explanations, few advice and will often not want to meet with you as this will take up more time. Essentially, they will try to spend the least amount of time on your conveyancing transaction as possible.

Conveyancers who have just established their business may also offer lower prices to draw new clients in. This can indicate the level of experience of the conveyancer but not necessarily. The conveyancer may be an inexperienced conveyancer who has just received their licence or registration but they may also be an experienced conveyancer who may have worked within a law firm or another conveyancing company previously, and have just established their conveyancing business and are offering prices to 'drum up business'. If the latter is the case, then usually prices will increase once the conveyancer's business established and there is sufficient clientele. Likewise with the first, if the conveyancer is inexperienced when they commence their business but gain experience over time, then their fees will likely increase as well.

It is worth the effort to speak to different conveyancers or solicitors prior to deciding on anyone in particular. Like any situation, you often meet people who you can communicate well with whilst there are others who don't really understand you and so it is best to speak to different conveyancers and solicitors to see if you will be able to deal with them. There is no need to hire a conveyancer or solicitor who you do not get along with when there are so many in the market.

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