Ardyss International Lead Generation is Easy

By: Scott Marvin

Ardyss International produces a unique product in a marketing industry full of cell phones, vitamins and drinks. Ardyss sells Body Shape and Body Magic a product that is already starting to reach out globally with their expansion into the U.S. market. Ardyss was created by Antonio Diaz de Leon and Armida Fonseca produces and sells an undergarment that shapes the body designed to relieve tense muscles and allow for better blood flow.

Ardyss uses the network marketing approach to sell their products. By using this marketing method they can deliver products directly from the maunfacturer to the consumer. When eliminating the middleman they can take higher profits and pay commissions to their distributors. Ardyss reps sell products by promoting them to people they know such as family members and friends.

This is a excellent way for a company such as Ardyss to get their products to the public but it leaves most distributors in a situation where they are left without new prospects and only a few sales. Like all network marketing businesses Ardyss supplies little marketing skills to their distributors. Marketing is the only way to continue selling product and sponsoring reps.

Below is a formula that Ardyss reps can put in place to help them get more leads and grow their team consistently.

Marketing online is quickly becoming the best way to reach a mass of people. The future looks very bright for those who understand the internet. Network marketing reps across the globe are using the leverage and the power of the internet to grow their downlines. The world wide web gives you the opportunity to find people outside of your network of friends and family. This method of marketing will keep an Ardyss rep in business because each day they get more leads to work with.

The 5 basics to marketing online are:

Generating Leads
Auto Responder
Multiple Offers
Self Branding
Sales Funnel

You can generate leads through many different channels online. Some include Video Marketing, SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Networks, List Builders and many more. There are actually unlimited ways you can promote you and your business online. A full understanding of these methods is necessary. I watch folks everyday who think they know what they are doing but are actually hurting their chances of sponsoring new reps.

The auto-responder is your sales robot that works for you 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The auto-responder keeps selling for you and keeps you and your business in the front of your propsects mind. I often sponser distributors many months after they first found me due to the auto-responder. This tool is a must for your success.

All professional online marketing experts have multiple streams of income. There are always great affiliate programs you can promote to your prospects and your team. The advantage of many offers is you have additional funds to possibly apply to paid advertising. It's crucial that these products are of super high quality and value. Don't promote useless products or you will lose your audience.

If you want to make it big you need to brand "YOU" and not your company. People follow people and not products or companies. If you want to attract quality people you must put self branding in place. The internet provides an easy way where even a newbie and be set up and start branding themselves right away.

Finlly we have the sales funnel. This is basically a web page designed to drive leads directly through a series of events that ultimately ends in the presentation of your Ardyss business. This must be done the right way. I will tell you that if you are promoting a company replicated Ardyss website then you are doing it wrong. You must offer prospects what they are looking for and that is marketing training and a way to start making money immediately.

That is the recipe to online success. I hope it gets you thinking in the right direction and helps you in your marketing strategies. For more info on internet marketing visit the links provided in this article.

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