Appreciating the Versatile and Visible Mouse Pad

By: Remy LeBeau

Logo desk items are amongst the top promotional products. And if you would look at your client's office desk, you would most likely find a computer. So if you really want to have a giveaway that your clients will appreciate and use at their place of work then you should imprint your logo on computers and laptops and start distributing them to your valued clients. But if you are just like most marketers, rational thinkers and have budget constraints (former does not always apply), then you would most likely settle for the 2nd best promo item which is a logo mouse pad.

Logo imprinted mouse pads are a tad cheaper (tad is an understatement) than our first (and absurd) suggestion. Yet, this accessory is at par with a computer in terms of visibility and exposure since there is a very high probability that your client who owns a computer also uses a computer mouse (unless she's good *cough*weird*cough* enough to had memorized all possible keyboard shortcut out there) which would also need a mouse pad for better control, precision, and speed (unless they prefer a recycled pizza box which also works).

Not yet convinced with the greatness of the promo mouse pads? Aside from being an effective fan during a hot and humid day, (also doubles as a swatter for that pesky fly that fancies your coffee) there are also a number of benefits from the oh-so-humble logo mouse pad:

1.Mouse pads serves as a great mat for computer mice (really?!? I didn't know that...).
2.Through a mouse pad, the performance of the mouse is greatly improved by enhancing its precision and speed (also true for the recycled pizza box).
3.Mouse pads provide comfort for the user. Some mouse pads with ergonomic designs (ergo- what?) have built-in wrist rest made up of silicone gel or foam that can greatly improve the level of comfort for the mouse user.
4.For polished, reflective, and transparent surface, mouse pads are needed in order for an optical mouse to work effectively.
5.The pad also reduces the collection of dirt under the mouse which causes a jittery pointer displayed in the computer screen (and I always thought the cursor was just tired from all those double-clicking).
6.The desk surface can be worn-out or scratched by the frequent mouse and hand rubbing motion. This problem can easily be prevented by using a mouse pad.
7.Mouse pads have a wide flat surface allowing you to imprint not just your logo but even other important information like contact info and product list (wow that's even better than MySpace).
8.Logo mouse pads will be placed on the desk of your clients allowing frequent logo exposure not just to your customers but also to their officemates.

With all these benefits, its really hard not to include promotional mouse pads in your marketing strategy.

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