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By: geetika j

Has the luster of high-paying Gulf jobs smitten you totally? Are you now looking forward to get a Gulf job that will change the course of your career completely? The Middle East region has seen an explosion of jobs in almost all industries over the last fifteen years. The region offers high-paying jobs to competent and skilled expatriates from across the globe. Many international companies have also set foot in the region and are recruiting skilled professionals worldwide on very attractive salaries.

The culture and lifestyle in the Middle East might be a little conservative but it hasnít deterred expatriates from applying to and accepting jobs in the region. While applying to any job in the Gulf, the first tool is the resume. The resume that you send to the prospective employer ensures whether you will get an interview call or not. Since you are a stranger for the Gulf recruiter, it is only the resume that is your first introduction. Make sure your first introduction leaves such an impact that the recruiter is convinced enough that you are fit for the job.

While venturing to write a resume for a Gulf job, firstly make sure that you select a right format. The presentation of the resume is as important as the content of the resume. Then, ensure that you divide it into two sections content-wise. The first section should highlight your skills, competencies, qualification and suitability for the job. The second section should elucidate and back up all your claims. In this section, you have to present examples from your education, training and enlist all your work-related projects in detail that will convince the employer that you are fit for the job that you have applied for.

When you start writing the resume to apply to jobs in Gulf, first go through the job description in detail. Analyze the advertisement of the job vacancy and scan it for keywords. Then, carefully insert these keywords at the right places in your resume. Donít make them super imposed but if used well, the employer will notice them and you will get an edge. Also, keep in mind the needs of the employer while writing your resume. Try and identify the hidden needs and address them in your resume.

Gulf jobs are known for the high salaries that they offer. So, make sure resume justifies the salary that you are expecting. The language that you use, the format that you use will give the employer a cursory idea of whether you deserve that kind of a position or not. Also, for different job vacancies, it would be advisable to tweak your resume and cover letter a little to make it fit for the demand and needs of different employers. This way, you would be able to generate many more interview calls.

When listing your qualifications, mention your technical strengths clearly in the beginning in a neat and organized manner. Then, list your qualifications in a descending order of relevance. While listing your experience, list your most relevant job experience first instead of plainly mentioning it in a chronological order. Elaborate your experience in numerical terms, wherever possible. For instance, mention the budgets, funds or time periods saved in execution of a project, and other such examples that give the employer an instant idea of how useful you may be.

Use lots of action verb sin the resume and portray yourself as somebody who is pro-active, uses his brain and can get things done. Use past tense for all your work experience, even of the present job. Using all these tips and tricks, also remember that your resume should not read out as the history of your life. It has to kept concise and crisp.

Once your resume is ready, ask a trusted and experienced friend to read it once. You must proofread it for any grammatical or spelling errors, any punctuation mistakes or inconsistent capitalizations. These things may sound small but are important in making the right impact on the employer. Following these tips, you would be ready with an effective resume to apply to as many Gulf jobs as you want. Just remember to apply through the right channels and once you receive interview calls, face them with confidence and stand by whatever you have mentioned in your resume.

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