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By: Mel Joelle

When Apple introduced the iPhone to the world, it seemed like no other company, or operating platform, could touch it. The iPhone included many cool features, including the introduction of apps and the app store. The app store functioned as a virtual marketplace where users could purchase and download games and applications that were both functional, and fun. At the time, no one thought Google’s Android platform was much of a competitor, but as Google continued to develop the Android operating system, we have seen a major shift in the telecommunications industry.

Part of the reason for Android’s success has been its own app store. The Android app store currently has over 100,000 apps available for download, and includes many essential tools for mobile living. Furthermore, Android users can download apps from the internet on their PCs at home, and then transfer them to their Android powered device. This functionality is great for developers, as they can work on new apps on their home computers, and then upload them for the world to see.

Beyond that, applications for Android are a great way to extend the functionality of your smart phone device. While most Android powered smart phones come with many exciting and useful apps already installed, there are many more apps available that can ensure you maximize the power of your Android device. Everything from mapping and tracking apps, to online libraries of books, as well as system tools are available for download. These apps can not only make your smart phone smarter, but they can enhance your everyday life.

An example of this would be a business scheduling app that allows you to add events to a calendar, schedule reminders, make notes on clients and meetings, as well as send emails and text messages directly to clients. In the past, you might have to hire a secretary just to keep up with all of your business scheduling needs. But with an app like this, everything you need is literally in the palm of your hand. By using a scheduling app, you can keep up with all of the events you have planned, from your phone, all while on the go. Essentially, you can work from virtually anywhere.

Android’s app store also has a large selection of games to download, most of which take full advantage of Android’s touch screen technology. Everything from board games and word puzzles, to action and sports games are available through Android’s marketplace, as well as online. And with thousands of titles, Android users are sure to find exactly what they are looking for. It should be noted that some games and apps that can be downloaded from the Android market are free, while others cost money. When you log onto the Android marketplace, you will be told what is free and what is not while browsing. If you end up downloading an app or a game that costs money, you can use a credit or debit card, from your phone, to pay for your purchase.

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