Anxiety disorder symptoms broken down.

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Emotions such as worry, fear and anxiety during a stressful situation are a normal part of life. Everyone has had their own bought with anxiety at least once in their lives. Have you ever subconsciously been dreading doing something, like possibly making a public speech? Just to find out everyone loves what you had to say? Or, have you ever been so worried about finding a job, and the perfect one winds up in your lap? These are all classified cases of feeling anxiety or stress within your life. Feeling this extreme emotion of anxiety is not irregular its perfectly normal, through the feeling anxiety we are able to deal with stressful situation and keep a watchful eye out for things that may deem dangerous for us to do.

Doctors are not at the least concerned about normal anxiety symptoms. However, when your anxiety becomes too much to bear and you find yourself irrationally thinking of things that are not bound to happen is when anxiety gets out of hand. If you feel distraught feelings for a span of up to six months, you could be experiencing the debilitating disorder of anxiety.

An anxiety disorder is the constant thought and worry about events that are going to occur, yet the events show no logical means of happening. Better put, anxiety is analyzing the future in a negative manner, before you know how itís going to turn out. A person, who is overcome by the disorder of anxiety, can not cope with normal feelings of worry and fear. The people that suffer with the disorder realize the feelings that they are subdued to are fantasy, but yet they still ponder on them.

The most common disorders are Social Phobia (fear of being out in public), Panic disorders, Specific Phobia (where you fear a certain thing), OCD (a disorder where everything has to be in a specific place), Generalized Anxiety disorder, Separation Anxiety (where you canít handle being away from someone), PTSD (most people associated with the armed forces experience this disorder), and Selective Mutism.

A person who experiences a disorder may have different symptoms than someone else with the same disorder. This is completely natural because everyone experiences the disorder in their own way.

An anxiety disorder starts when the brain sends messages to the body to prepare for an extensive activity; this is better known as the flight-to-fight response. The brain causes the body to think that it is working overtime, which triggers the organs in your body to have to overwork. The adrenaline glands begin to over produce the stress chemical and release it to the body.

A few physical symptoms that you may experience with a disorder are:
Excessive dry mouth
Increased heartbeat
Stomach aches
Extreme tightness and pain in your chest
Loss of breath
Increased visit to the bathroom to urinate
Problems swallowing

A few emotional symptoms you may experience are:
Inability to focus at a task at hand
Inability to sleep
Increased irritability
Constant worry of going insane and death
Feeling completely out of control of your behavior

Some anxiety orders have been linked to be associated with such chemicals as alcohol or drugs. Anxiety or stress is the main cause of any anxiety disorder. The symptoms of a disorder differ from person to person, but they all center on fear and worry of events that may occur in the future.

There is a cure for this disorder, which will give you the strength to regain your happiness. The two cures to the condition are doctor prescribed medication, as well as psychotherapy. The medication prescribed however, is only a short term solution, in order to be rid of the disorder completely, you need to retrain your brain to think positive thoughts.

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