By: Dino Livanidis

How do you know your tiles need to be treated for Anti-Slip?

We have been treating floor tiles for many years now
and one of the main reasons tiles do get
slippery especially when wet is because of the way
people clean there tiles.

What I am about to tell you may save you thousands of dollars.

You see when people select a tile to go in the bathroom, balcony
around the pool or tiled wet areas. Everyone forgets about safety
and prefers the image the tile will give.

Until someone falls and hurts themselves seriously.

Cleaning tiles is the most important part to keeping your floor
anti-slip. Especially some tiles that have been designed
for Anti-Slip.

One way to know if your tiles were Anti-Slip from the start
is to remember if they were as dangerous as they are now.

If they were then yes you would need to have your tiles
Anti-Slipped, but if they werenít, then you know what has

I can almost guarantee that you have been cleaning your tiles
with too much cleaning detergent in your bucket.

You see when everyone cleans floors all they are really doing is
moving the dirt around and spreading it on the floor.

What everyone should be doing is to clean the floor with the
right amount of cleaning detergent to water and once you
have finished mopping the area, you need to wash it down
with clean water. By doing this you are removing all the residue
left on the floor surface.

Over long lengths of time cleaning detergents when reapplied
will create a surface like a sealer, therefore making the floor

The most famous words people say when we visit a problem
area is, "They told me at the tile shop that these were Anti-Slip Tiles
and they felt like it at the time"

Unfortunately when tiles are made, they are glazed and just
like a normal window glass. There are so many different types
of Anti-Slip treatments going around these days.

The one that we use is an Acid Etch treatment.
We use a special type of Acid that will make millions of
little micro holes on the glazed tile, giving the foot or shoe
somewhere to grab.

Many tiles these days a different and so our Anti-Slip treatments
can take anywhere from 5 min - 1 Hour to Anti-Slip a square meter.

Best way for anyone wanting to Anti-Slip a floor area is to first
get the applicator to give you a test area so you may sample
over a week or 2. Why do you want to do this?

You donít want the treatment to ruin your floor and many applicators
treat floor areas so much that every little dirt is collected
in the micro holes, so ask for a light to medium treatment
and sample that first.

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Written by - Tony Black

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