Antarctic Holiday: A Unique Yet Extra Fulfilling Experience

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Antarctica is known for its extreme weather conditions. It is the coldest and driest place on earth, so why go there and have an Antarctic holiday? You may ask, what is there to do in a place so cold, no run of the mill restaurants and hotels? Indeed, going to the southernmost region of the earth is no ordinary way of spending your holidays, but it is this uniqueness that makes it worthy to visit.

When you visit Antarctica, one of the things that you get to do is have a firsthand experience of its wildlife. Yes, despite its harsh climate, it is home to different species of animals. You get to see different kinds of penguins such as the Black-footed, Adele, Rock Hopper, Little Blue, King, and of course, the Emperor, which is the tallest and heaviest of all species of penguins. Besides the penguins, there are other kinds of birds that can be found in the continent. These include different species of albatrosses, petrels, and Arctic terns. Seals can also be found, whose colors may come in gray, brown, or black.

Isn’t it just great to observe these creatures that have the ability to withstand the coldness of the continent? But besides watching these lovable animals, there are other things to do. You can climb the Observation Hill, which allows you to feast your eyes on the views of Mount Erebus and the Ross Ice Shelf. You can also go kayaking up to icebergs for closer views, and if the weather permits, you can even camp on the ice.

Moreover, you can go to Antarctica by ship or by plane. When you decide to go on a ship, the typical itineraries include the Antarctic Peninsula. Its rich wildlife and dramatic scenery makes it a good site for an introduction to the so-called White Continent. Then there is the Polar Circle, the highlight of which is the Marguerite Bay. The place is teemed with orca, minke, humpback whales, and Adelie penguins. Other common itineraries include the West Side and the Weddell Sea, Subantarctic Islands, and South Georgia Island.
You can also experience a different kind of Antarctic voyage by plane. There are flights that access man-made airships on some islands that are close to the peninsula, and there are flights that penetrate the frigid interior. Taking these flights may pose some risks, but the experience can really be rewarding. Generally, Antarctic tours are done between November and March. It is because after March, temperatures can go as low as -100 degrees Fahrenheit or -38 degrees Celsius.

Aware of the extreme conditions of the continent, you must be well-prepared for your trip. You must be armed with high quality outdoor clothing. Included in your to-bring checklist is anti-motion sickness medication. Long delays may take place, so if you are taking medications, it is important that you bring enough medication needed for a long delay.

It is important to make yourself equipped and prepared for you to really enjoy the whole adventure. It is not your ordinary trip and it would not hurt if you made extra preparations for this extraordinary undertaking. You would not want to not be able to do the things that you could have done just because you are not well-prepared. There are so many things that can be done in this southernmost part of the earth and you would want to maximize them. Be close with nature as you can be, take the most exhilaratingly satisfying trip that you will have experienced in your lifetime, and be one of those people who do not just settle for the ordinary.

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