Anger and Mental Fitness

By: Dr Rob

Anger is an impulsive outburst of emotion that often occurs without conscious thought. Normally, a mentally healthy person does not react as negatively as someone who is angry does because a mentally healthy person is able to control his emotions. He is able to think rationally; thus, it can be said that sometimes, anger is a sign of mental illness.
To make matters worse, anger can be destructive. If truth be told, it is in fact oftentimes destructive. It causes harm not just to other people, but to properties, as well as to yourself. Road accidents happen sometimes because of anger. People hurt each other or even kill one another because of anger. Crimes of passion are also the result of severe anger. Sometimes, people inflict pain on themselves and others even commit suicide because of anger.
A person who is angry by and large suffers from high blood pressure, and nervous and muscular tension. There is also some degree of loss in the normal function of the different systems of your body. All these things can make you think of yourself in a rather negative way.
Anger is something that should not be taken lightly at all. As you can see, there is nothing good about being angry at all. Externally, there is a lot of damage done to others; internally, you suffer a great deal, too, because nobody in his right mind will rejoice in the feeling of being angry. You are not proud of the fact that you have hurt somebody.
Sometimes, after taking a long look at the situation, you wish you could have changed things but you know you canít anymore; instead, you lapse into a state of depression or worse, despair. The moment you despair, you lose hope, and from this you can see that being angry is no laughing matter indeed.
Anger is nothing else but a weakness of character. It means that you do not have what it takes to control your emotions. You allow yourself to be controlled instead of being the one controlling and taking the driverís seat.
Anger should be checked because it is infectious. It has been written somewhere that a kind word can calm a situation, but an angry outburst can spark another negative reaction. Perhaps, it is human nature that you give the other person a dose of his own medicine, so to speak. Nonetheless, this only goes to show that such an outburst can only make matters worse.
If you are a parent, therefore, it is important that you know how to cope with anger, especially in the upbringing of your children. Normally, you would want your children to grow up in a peaceful environment and to develop enough self confidence and self-control so that they will be able to stand up on their own in the future.
A person who is in control of the situation and especially of himself is said to be in a state of good mental health, and naturally, you would not want anything less for your child or for yourself.

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