An ultimate protection for your plants: cannazym and canna boost

By: carlos arturo

Every living being on our planet is like a fortress constantly besieged by pathogenic organisms such as viruses, bacteria, and molds. Itís hard enough for your body to fend them off when youíre in your usual habitat. When you change your location, chances are you will catch something sooner or later. Thatís why people are advised and sometimes even required to be vaccinated prior to visiting countries such as India. Itís the same with plants. And growing something that evolved to survive bacterial assaults in the soil with hydroponics is an even bigger change than moving to India. Thatís why hydroponic grown plants require more efforts to keep them healthy than regular soil based vegetation. Thatís also why you should use things like cannazym and canna boost to protect your plants.

Hydroponic solution may not be a familiar environment for the plant to grow in. It also may prove hospitable to certain kinds of bacteria and molds against which the plant has no natural protection. This problem is solved both by cannazym and canna boost compounds. However, cannazym and canna boost go about it differently, and both provide added boons to your plants.

Letís take a look at cannazym. Itís a solution made up of various enzymes, obviously enough, and it also has several kinds of minerals, vitamins, and a special substance isolated from desert plants. It protects your plants in several ways. One of the problems plants face, especially when a reusable growing substrate is used, is a problem of dead roots. Dead roots are a natural result of your plants growing, but unfortunately they provide a good breeding ground for all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms and molds. Usually the plant is able to fend them off. When the pathogenic microorganisms find a breeding spot such as dead roots, however, they are able to multiply there until they pose a threat to the plant, with a high risk of infection. If youíre using cannazym, this problem takes care of itself.

Enzymes contained in cannazym can quickly break down dead roots without threatening the living plant. As they break down the roots, various minerals and sugars that made up the roots end up back in the substrate in a form that is easy for the plant to absorb. Add to it the vitamins and minerals that were in the compound itself, and youíll see that your plant is not only protected, but is also well-nourished.

On the other end of the spectrum we have canna boost. It doesnít contain enzymes that help with stopping the pathogenic microorganisms and molds. Instead canna boost gives your plants, well, a boost. The solution speeds up the rate of the photosynthesis of the plant, increases its nutrient uptake, and the speed at which the plant grows. This is pretty good all by itself. Faster photosynthesis doesnít make the plant grow old and die faster. Instead it makes the plant grow bigger, faster. Your plants will have the same lifespan, but they will be bigger and will provide more impressive yields. And since your plants are stronger, theyíll be able to protect themselves better, meaning less diseases will plague them.

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If youíre looking to protect your plants from pathogenic microorganisms, cannazym is a great way to keep your plants healthy when you have a reusable solution, while canna boost is a great general measure of disease prevention.

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