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By: Muller Seo

As the telephone rang in the middle of the night on a Friday night, Shiva thought that it must be from his native land half way across the globe. His parents have called on a weekend afternoon their time, to share some good time with him. There is an almost 10 hours of time difference between the two places and it must be afternoon time, some relatives and some of his cousins might have come over to his parents house and after lunch before they relatives leave they might have wanted to have a talk with Shiva in this far off land. Who all could it be Shiva wondered? Are the relatives from the father’s side or are they from the father’s side, he wondered. What did his mother and their old trusted maid servant prepare? Did his mother prepare any of his favorite dishes?

Thinking in these lines and with a smile on his face, Shiva went on to receive the call. There was Harry in a hurried voice rather than a cousin with cheerful greetings. Harry informed that while on their way back to home his fiancé and him met with an accident with another car. Shree his fiancé have got severely injured and bleeding profusely from the mouth and the nose. Harry was in mildly shivering when he briefly narrated the condition over the phone.

Shiva rushed to the hospital where Shree was admitted and she had to undergo a major surgery a bed rest of three months before she could even think of going back to the normal life.

The physical injuries took that much time to heal but the mental shock and stress was far deeper. Shree felt that the accident could have been avoided with little care from her side. She prayed to the God for the well being of the other no fault New York victims which included a baby as well.

After she was able to make it to the toilet and was fit enough Harry and Shiva took her to the Therapy Services New York. For Shree started to have panic attacks in the day sometimes even in the night time.

Dr. Jonathan Levinson the Clinical Director with the organization has been able to create an atmosphere of empathy and professional excellence in a personalized set up for the patients.

At first Shree did not want to open up in front of the unknown about what she considered to be an extremely private and personal trauma. However, after the initial telephonic counseling she went on to meet them no fault nyc doctors.

The professionals there were more than happy to lend a helping hand to this no fault car accident victim. After having a thorough understanding of the present conditions and the impairments of the patient, the arranged for a professional counseling followed by strong support that helped Shree in adopting a positive outlook towards life and come out of the trauma and shock.

Many a relationships suffer damages due to road accidents. Shree was lucky to always have Harry by her side. This no fault new York victim, Shree was also lucky to have received all the support from Therapy Services that helped her to return to normal life again.

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Therapy Services is a leading organization offering quality psychological services to the no fault new York victims. The accident may have happened between trucks or cars or buses or any combination of these vehicles. Every kind of no fault car accident victims is included under No Fault nyc

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