An effective method for weight loss

By: Marina Robinson

Many people suffer daily with the problems of belly fat, overweight, and cholesterol. Each problem is different because we are individuals with different characteristics. We have the same eating habits. That's why no doctor can create a diet that works for everyone. What you have to do is reflect and see what we accumulate fat in the body. Only effective methods for losing weight will help you burn fat.

Start your routine: A notebook

My recommendation is to get serious. If you really want to lose weight, so keep a notebook. Each day you'll have to point your progress, as well as your fail. I'm talking about more than just a calorie counter.
For example, you can observe the following.

Calorie - Take note of the number of calories you eat per day! A graph of this data is important. The easiest way to do this is to record all foods and their calories as you eat. Then at the end of the day sit back and count calories. Think about your data and think about how you can improve. If you are a restaurant, be sure to eat in moderation .

Types of Food - As important as the calories you eat also have to see where your calories come. List the types of foods you ate. Use abbreviations if you prefer, such as vegetable H, CD for red meat and so on. You can then see at a glance the types of foods you are eating regularly.

Emotions - Emotions may be responsible for the way we eat. Some people eat more when they are depressed or stressed. You can eat certain foods that make you feel good, like sugars, toxins and fats . In general, our emotions play a greater role in choosing our food. Take notes in his diary of his current emotional state at each meal and you will find.

Exercise - Keep track of your daily exercise routines. You want to write structured exercise routines and simple exercise to do during the course of the day. For example, if you wore to school to pick up your child, make a note of it. Enter the type of exercise, exercise intensity and duration as well.

Daily events - List the main events that took place during the day. These can be events that were important to you. Take note of everything that happened to make you feel emotions like anger or hurt feelings. Include happy events as well as any that has affected you emotionally.

Bed time - Enter your daily sleep and when you wake up in your journal. If you have a sleep disorder in which she awoke at night to take note of that. Keep track of the amount of sleep you get and the quality of your sleep.

Once you have kept her diary for a week or more, you can begin to analyze it. Look for data that shows what you ate and why he ate. You can begin to see a relationship between consumption of certain foods and emotions. You may also notice that you are using food as an emotional outlet. Once you find what you're doing you can propose to make the changes needed to lose weight once.

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