An Overview of BPT Sliding Gates Installation and Maintenance

By: Cesar Muler

Safety at gates has been one of the major issues in the United Kingdom of late. Tragic deaths have resulted in the past on account of reluctant gate safety. There have been several such incidents some time back in the past. The only difference is that in the past, these incidents were few and far between. Lately, these incidents have gained density. In regard of the same, BPT gates have brought major respite to safety and automation in doors. There have also been government regulations on the same. In this regard, BFT has also been a game changer for many.

Sliding gates on sloped have been the bone of contention for quite some time. There have been several suggestions in the past and a volley of several others is expected in the future. It can be mentioned that the very concept of automatically monitored gates are such that they draw some debate from experts time and again. After all, automation in sliding gates calls for mounting gates on wheels on a track that is fixed to the ground. At the same time, there has to be a gate monitor that slides to ensure opening and closing the gates at the right times using BPT.

Long back, manufacturers told installers that dealt in gate installation that sliding gates were possible for lands that had an inclination level of 4% from the horizontal. This would translate in a change of a height of 4cm for every meter of length. So, if one is to consider a track that is 6m long, there would have to be additional installation of 24 cm.

It is no mystery for all have an elementary level knowledge of basic physics that if an object has wheels it is pulled in the downward direction by gravity when pulled by gravity. The same will be echoed by anyone who has ridden on a bicycle. The same is applicable for any gate that would be planted on slopes.

The gate would draw extensive energy from the gate motor in order to remain stationed at the same position for long or short durations. This is where BFT has found extensive use. The added force is required more extensively when the door is moving down the hill. Besides, the energy that is required to roll a gate atop a hill is also far more than would be ideal to help the gate slide along a level plane.

The function of sliding motors is to get a gate to move downwards or upwards. Besides, they can also be used to bring the gate to a standstill if they are on a plane ground. The motors are built in a way that they adjust to the opposing forces that are felt mostly when pushing the gate upwards against gravity or holding them from sliding them with gravity. The initial difficulties are however in the installation of the gates. This is actually the part which comes into play before the application of BPT. Here, it is important to choose a good company that ha impeccable reputation in sliding gates installation and maintenance.

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