An Overview Of Jobs In New Zealand

By: Thomas Keane

If you are looking for a job in New Zealand, you will encounter a much better scene than you ever imagined. The country is looking for talent in almost all fields and has thrown its doors open to welcome professionals from all over the world. New Zealand is a great place to live in; it has moderate climate, and it is a great place to work in because of its visitor-friendly atmosphere. According to a recent survey from the Department of Labor all skilled and semi skilled workers are happy working with their NZ Jobs. Most of them are willing to recommend New Zealand jobs to their friends and relatives living abroad. If you are looking for a New Zealand job, all you have to do is log on to, and you will find a multitude of opportunities for job seekers like you.

At the moment New Zealand is facing shortages of professionals like many other countries. The Department of Labor Workforce gives an updated picture of the job scene in NZ twice a year. So, if you are living out of New Zealand, you can confidently apply to any of the jobs that feature on the shortage list. The immigration will process your visa and work permits very fast.

The most acute shortages in the job front in New Zealand are in the fields of IT, health and engineering. Next to them are in the fields of architecture, electronics, town planning, finance, construction, food manufacturing, biotechnology, viticulture, printing and publishing, teaching, automotive, textiles, travel, agriculture, horticulture, film and creative industries, hairdressers and hospitality. Jobs in NZ include Auckland jobs, Wellington jobs, Nelson jobs, Otago jobs and Malborough jobs.

The employers in New Zealand are determined to discover talent to ensure the country prospers. No wonder, the immigration is doing its best to attract talent to the country. It has simplified the entire process of obtaining visas and work permits. People talk of New Zealand as the best place to live and work in.

Since New Zealand is located in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are completely opposite of the countries located in the northern hemisphere. Winter is from June to August whereas summer is from December to February. The climate does not get too uncomfortable and there are no extremes of weather as New Zealand is surrounded by sea. The country is situated in the lap of nature in the form of mountains, forests and lakes. Its people are visitor-friendly. Employers do not judge people on how they look and where they come from or their religion. New Zealand is a country of equal opportunity. The cost of living in the country is better than many other places.

Working conditions in New Zealand are very good. People are not forced to slog all day and all night. They are given enough time for family and leisure. This helps them to be more productive. Moreover, the employers encourage non-traditional employment opportunities like home based jobs, part time jobs, job sharing, paid parental leave and others.

Being techno-savvy, New Zealand has adopted all hi-tech practices. The job market is booming. Work culture is informal and pleasing. And, New Zealands temperate climate and friendly atmosphere is attracting professionals and others from across the globe. If you want to join in the bandwagon, log on to and look for a job in this dream land called New Zealand.

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